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Welcome to the Virginia Highway Project!  This website is a joint venture between "Froggie" and "Mapmikey" and details the routes and highways of Virginia, and began as a combining of Mapmikey's Virginia Highway's site and Froggie's Virginia Highway Ends photo site.  Additional material related to Virginia will be offered as time allows.

Updates (3/29/14): substantial update to Virginia Cutouts
Updates (1/27/14): Part 1 gallery update to Virginia Placenames (300 or so photos) | Sign Error Pics (46 photos) | Old Signs of Virginia (64 photos)
Updates (9/21/13):
Updates to the following entires:
The VA 16 , VA 17, VA 18 , VA 19, VA 20 , VA 21, VA 22 , VA 23, VA 24 , VA 29, VA 30 , VA 45 , VA 46 , VA 47 , and VA 48 pages have been revamped with a lot more detail and mapscans. 7 new routes are documented - US 60 SPUR, VA 38Y, VA 61Y, VA 101 #4, VA 227Y, VA 301 ALT, and VA 307Y. Additionally, a routing through Bristol from 1967-84 for US 421 was discovered. A couple hundred mapscans were added throughout most pages.
Updates (1/14/13): The US 21, US 29, US 29 Bus, US 52, US 121, US 170, US 221, US 321, US 421, US 522, VA 13 , VA 14 , VA 15, VA 25, VA 26 , and VA 27 pages have been revamped with a lot more detail and mapscans. 4 new commissioned routes are documented - US 17 ALT, US 17 Bus, US 311, and VA 317.
Updates (8/25/12): The VA 40 , VA 41 , VA 42, VA 43, VA 44, VA 49, VA 50, VA 51 , VA 52, VA 53, VA 54, VA 55, VA 56, VA 57, VA 58, and VA 59 pages have been revamped with a lot more detail and mapscans. A new commissioned route is documented - VA 409.
Updates (5/17/12): A gallery update of nearly 200 photos to Virginia Placenames
Updates (4/7/12): A gallery update to Virginia Ends
Updates (1/28/12): A gallery update to Waysides | Bridges of Virginia | Sign Error Pics | Old District 2 Unisigns | Old Signs of Virginia; A new gallery is ceated: Abandoned Bridges of Virginia; Also, updates to the following entires: The VA 28 page has been revamped with a lot more detail and mapscans. A new route is documented - VA 280 #3.

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What's Here:
Virginia Highways:
Route Lists/Histories (updates) | Virginia Highway Ends | Froggie's Virginia Photos | Virginia Multiplexes
  The neighbors:
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Want something else road related?
AAroads kickoff page - Andy Field/Alex Nitzman (compilation of many road related sites)
Gribblenation - Material from much of the eastern U.S.
American Road Magazine - Celebrating the 2-lane highways of yesteryear

Other Virginia Stuff:
A History of Numbering | Sources | List of Counties | Virginia Waysides | State Line Crossings | Bridges of Virginia | Abandoned Bridges of Virginia | Hampton Roads Notes | Sign Error Pics | Old District 2 Unisigns | VA 91 Photo Journey | Cutout Gallery | Old Signs of Virginia | Virginia Placenames
Virginia related links:
VDOT (official VDOT site)
Old Dominion Roads - Adam Prince/Gribblenation (collection of photos and Virginia road related topics)
Roads to the Future - Scott Kozel (detailed info about road projects in the Mid-Atlantic region)
Virginia Arterials - Lou Corsaro/Eric Smith (detailed descriptions of arterials in Virginia)
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