VA 460
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VA 460 view
Photo: VA 460 leaving the VA 80 connector. (photo by H B Elkins 12/2/23)
From:   Kentucky State Line near Breaks (Buchanan County)
To:  Southern Gap (Buchanan County)
Total Length:  8 miles  
The route continues 5 miles as KY 3174 to KY 80 Cedarville KY
US 121 WB: 6.99 - 6.99
SR 744: 1 - 8
Creation:  Opened in November 2020 as newly constructed route from the Kemtucky line to the VA 80 connector, less than a mile away. This has been the only VA 460.
Adjustments:  In November 2023, VA 460 was opened as more new construction to SR 744 Southern Gap
Improvements: Fully paved upon designation; Multilane from KY to the VA 80 connector, as well as on the US 121 overlay
Posting:  Fully posted since the Nov 2023 extension opened
Multiplexes: US 121 (about a mile)
Legislative names: None
Other Names: Corridor Q
Scenic Byway: None
Comment:  VA 460 is a placeholder until the road is built to Grundy (est. open in 2027) and the Kentucky portion is completed. Then this will become US 460.
The bridge right at the state line is the tallest bridge in Virginia.

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