Hampton Roads Notes

This portion of the Virginia Highways Project focuses on Froggie's notes and research into Hampton Roads area transportation.  The pages below include status on the transportation situation in Hampton Roads, some history behind transportation planning in the region, and some possibilities for improvement.  These pages are a work-in-progress.

2001 Freeway System Deficiencies

2002 Improvement Possibilities

2002 Funding Possibilities

1985 Major Thoroughfare Plan Summary Report

1965 Southeastern Virginia Regional Transportation Study (precursor to the 1985 report)

Hampton Roads Joint Transportation Study

Froggie's Suggested Exit Renumbering



Most of the information on these pages is sourced from various documents, studies, and reports provided by or for the Hampton Roads Planning District Commission and the Virginia Department of Transportation.  Other information comes from the Virginia Pilot Online, personal experience, or engineering and technical documents.

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