Welcome to Virginia State Highway Endings, part of the Virginia Highways Project.  This site documents photographs of the ends/termini points of Virginia's state primary highways.  If you have any endings that we're missing, feel free to contribute them.

Use the following menu to look up a specific route.  Routes that do not have any termini photos listed without the shields.


Former endpoints of current routes are included under the current endpoints pages. Endpoints of decommissioned routes are in their own section.

Last update: 4/8/17...New routes covered: US 17 ALT, US 58 Bus (Hillsville), US 311, US 460 ALT (Bowers Hill), US 460 Bus (Grundy), VA 8 Bus, VA 141, VA 239, VA 280, VA 281, VA 286, VA 289, VA 294, VA 365 (east segment), VA 396 (spurs), VA 409
"The other end", "relocated end", or "historic end" covered for the first time: US 58 Bus (Martinsville), VA 54, VA 55, VA 59, VA 71, VA 114, VA 117, VA 118, VA 125, VA 156, VA 164, VA 165, VA 166, VA 210, VA 215, VA 311, VA 325 (northwest segment), VA 337 ALT (Portsmouth)
pictures were added in entries labeled with

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