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US 86  ruled out of grid
Previous US 86's: US 86: Appeared in a May 9, 1933 letter from AASHO to Virginia responding to correspondence on changing around and adding some US routes in Virginia. AASHO suggested US 86 be assigned to run from US 60 Lynnhaven to US 11 Roanoke. Lynnhaven to Suffolk would replace VA 12; Suffolk to Petersburg would replace VA 52; Petersburg to Burkeville would replace VA 10; Burkeville to Lynchburg would replace US 60; Lynchburg to Roanoke would replace more VA 10.
Note that this letter referenced a telephone call with Virginia requesting that a US route route follow VA 10 from Petersburg via Smithfield to Suffolk instead. This was part of a concerted effort by numerous cities along VA 10's path to get the Colonial Trail into the US Route System.
A lot of this corridor was spurred by numerous localities along the path of VA 10 wanting a US route for VA 10. Note that Virginia had been planning to make the Roanoke to Burkeville portion part of an extended US 221 on its way to Reedville)
On May 12, 1933 Virginia formally requested US 86 be assigned as described above.
On May 15, 1933 AASHO approved the US 86 corridor but the Committee was spilt on allowing US 86 to be the designation because it was pretty far out of the grid. AASHO suggested US 460 and on May 16, 1933 Virginia formally accepted US 460 for the route.

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