TN 23
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From:  Memphis (Shelby County)
To:  Memphis (Shelby County)
Total Length:
8.9 miles
US 51, US 64 WB, US 70 WB, US 72 Begin, US 79 WB, TN 3: 0 - 0
US 64 EB, US 70 EB, US 79 EB, TN 277: 2.1 - 2.1
US 72 EB, TN 57: 1.0 - 3.1
I-240 (exit 13): 5.8 - 8.9
Creation: Appeared in 1961 or 1962 as a new state route, defined as running from TN 1 (E Parkway) to I-240 in Memphis. Note that the 1964 Official shows the road between White Station Rd and I-240 as "proposed" (even though Walnut Grove Rd existed already). This is the 2nd TN 23.
Adjustments: By 1971, TN 23 was extended east to I-240 (official map) or the Wolf River a little east of that (Shelby County)
In 1983, TN 23 west was extended to US 51, replacing TN 1. Modern county maps also had the east end at I-240.
Posting: TN 23 is unposted throughout; west of E Parkway is considered primary and east of there it is secondary
Secret US Route Overlay: US 72 (3.1 mi)
Comment: TN 23 is a nice looking drive for much of its run. Trucks are prohibited east of Poplar Ave which might be why it is not posted
I could only find one milepost for TN 23 (just west of E Parkway) other than a zero post at US 51.

1964 Official
TN 23 in Memphis
1964 Official
1996 Official
TN 23 extended to US 51
1996 Official

Previous TN 23's:

TN 23 #1: An original state highway that ran from TN 1 (now US 70) Jackson east through Lexington to end at TN 6 (now TN 240) Summertown.

1927 National Map
TN 23 Jackson to Summertown
1927 National Map

In 1927 or 1928, TN 23 was renumbered as part of TN 20.
Today, the route is TN 186 to Beech Bluff; Luray Rd/Spencer Creek Rd and Hubbard Town Rd to Luray; Luray Rd; Wilkins Rd; McCaney Mill Rd; Old Jackson Rd; Barnhill St and Main St to Lexington; TN 104 then Franklin Ave out of Lexington (no longer connects to) and Roy Pruitt Rd; Shady Hill Rd then Reed Hill Rd through Rock Hill; Rock hill Rd until it turns north; abandoned roadway along the former railroad; Field Rd (no longer connects to) and Doodlem Ln to Chesterfield; Old Darden-Chesterfield Rd to Darden; Darden Ln; it is unclear how it got to Eliot Dr which no longer connects to Hugh Carrington Ln to Beacon; TN 202 to Beacon Jct; a bit of Box Rd; Old Parsons Ln and (no longer connects to) Alma Ln; Old Lexington Hwy through Bear Creek; US 412 into Parsons; a bit of US 641; 2nd St and Old Perryville Rd out of Parsons; McKenzie Rd; Sardis Ridge Rd to Perryville; Cruse Ln and (no longer connects to) Cruse Rd to abandoned ferry over Tennessee River running northeast from Perryville; on the east side of the river, the road followed the river south to pick up Cypress Creek Rd east back to US 412; US 412 to Linden; S. Mill St/Old State Hwy 13 out of Linden; Old Hohenwald Rd/Stanley Hinson Rd; US 412 to Hohenwald except two Old Linden Rd segments and Kappeler Ln; TN 20 to Summertown

1929 Official
TN 23 renumbered as part of TN 20
1929 Official

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