US 58
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From:  Post Oak (Claiborne County)
To:  Virginia State Line (Claiborne County)
Total Length:
0.8 miles
Nationally US 58 runs from US 25E to US 60 Virginia Beach VA

US 25E, TN 32, TN 383 BEGIN: 0 - 0
VA STATE LINE: 0.8 - 0.8
Creation: Appeared in Tennessee in 1933 as a renumbering of US 421 along State St. There is a possibility this was a direct renumbering of US 411 instead. Since State St runs along the state line, US 58 eastboud was in Tennesee. US 58 turned north onto Piedmont Ave from State St.
Adjustments: In June 1941, Tennessee requested US 58 be extended south with US 25E, then along TN 63 to La Follette, then with US 25W to Clinton, then along TN 61 to Harriman, then with US 70 to Kingston, then along TN 58 to Chattanooga. AASHO turned this down in May 1942 due to the abrupt change in US 58's direction and tht US 11 and US 27 already served this corridor.
In May 1952 (Virginia CTB), US 58 was rerouted in Bristol to be one one-way splits. Westbound was not changed and remained in Virginia. Eastbound used State St east to 9th St (now Volunteer Pkwy), then south into Tennessee to Shelby St east to 7th St north which turns into Piedmont at State St.
In Nov 1955, several states requested an extension of US 58 to St. Louis MO. AASHO declined to do this in July 1956.
In May 1957, the St. Louis extention was requested again. AASHO deferred a decision in July 1957.
In May 1961, the St. Louis extention was requested yet again. AASHO rejectd it in July 1961.
In Oct 1966 (Virginia CTB), US 58 was removed from Tennessee when Virginia added it to I-81 in the Bristol area.

(1933 Official)
US 58 initial route
1933 Virginia Official
(1961 Washington County)
US 58 splits in Bristol
1961 Washington County VA
(1969 Official)
US 58 moved to I-81 and out of Tennessee
1969 Virginia Official

US 58 reappeared in Tennessee about 1995 running from N. Cumberland Dr (was US 25E then) near Cumberland Gap east the short distance to Virginia. This is shown clearly on Historic Aerials but not on any map I have seen.
In Oct 1996, US 58 was extended southwest, replacing US 25E to its current routing that approaches the Cumberland Gap Tunnel.

1985 Claiborne County
US 25E into Virginia at Cumberland Gap
1985 Claiborne County
1998 Claiborne County
US 58 into Virginia at Cumberland Gap
1998 Claiborne County

Posting: Fully posted
Secret TN Route Overlay: TN 383 (entire length)
Comment: Provides access to Cumberland Gap National Historic Park.
You may think that since US 58 does not appear on any Sullivan County maps in Tennessee and did not appear on the Tennessee route log that US 58 wasn't really a Tennessee route. Well, it WAS posted as a Tennessee highway:

say what?
US 58 posted as a Tenneessee route on State St
April 1954 Virginia Highways Bulletin.

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