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US 42: In 1937, the Louisville Automobile Club proposed to Kentucky an idea to extend US 42 from Cincinnati to Memphis. Eliminating US 31W would have been a part of this idea.
Kentucky thought enough of this idea to float it to AASHO. They liked it because it got rid of US 31W and that running a route to Memphis from that direction had merit. They even tweaked the routing a little to avoid Bowling Green KY. In Tennessee it would follow TN 13 from Kentucky to Clarksville, TN 76 to Brownsville, and US 70 to Memphis.
I cannot find any further documentation on what happened. If AASHO still wanted US 31W eliminated without US 42 following *any* of it, that might have been a bridge too far for Kentucky. Also possible that Tennessee would not go along with downgrading US 31W to a state route.
At any rate, this never happened, though the corridor from Memphis to Russellville became US 79 several years later.

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