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US 37  Last minute cancellation
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US 37: In 1934, AASHO proposed a resolution to the US 31E/31W dynamic by offering US 37 for most of the Kentucky portion of US 31E and US 143 from Glasgow KY to Nashville.
Tennessee didn't object to US 37, because in Tennessee it was to run from Glasgow KY and Tomkinsville KY southeast following TN 51, TN 52, and TN 53 to Gainesboro; TN 42 and US 70N to Cookeville and Crossville; TN 28 to Chattanooga.
In Sept 1934, AASHO agreed to Tennessee's request to have US 37 run via Huntersville KY and use TN 28 to Jamestown and south to Chattanooga.
Kentucky's objection to getting rid of US 31E ultimately killed US 37, though it's unclear why the Glasgow to Chattanooga portion was killed, too.
AASHO was so sure US 37 and US 143 would come to pass that they both appear in their official Nov. 1934 Route Log. Both also appeared on a few commercial maps.

1936 KY Correspondence with AASHO

US 37 on a map
1936 KY Correspondence with AASHO
Nov 1934 AASHO route log

US 143 through Nashville to Centerville
Nov 1934 AASHO route log

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