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US 33  A Bluegrass Root Campaign
Previous US 33's:

US 33 #1: Requested in 1928 as a new US route from Cincinnati to Chattanooga. AASHO approved this, but designated it as an extended US 27 instead.
US 33 #2: Kentucky passed a resolution in Nov 1930 to support their wish to route a new US route from Harlan KY through Pennington Gap, Jonesville and Blackwater to Tennessee as part of a corridor from Chicago to Charleston SC.
On March 8, 1934 Virginia requested US 33 be added to the US route system through Virginia as described above. KY to Pennington Gap would've replaced some of VA 65; Pennington Gap to TN would've replaced some of VA 64.
On Dec 20, 1934 AASHO denied the addition of US 33 on the basis that the Kentucky portion of the route was not constructed.
A parallel (though apparently non-coordinated) effort was being made by Tennessee to have a US 33 corridor from Chicago to Charleston, but they formally requested US 33E and US 33W routings through their state and their proposal had US 33W running on the same path as this US 33 attempt.
US 33 #3: In July 1937, Tennessee sent AASHO a telegram requestion US 33 be added to the entirety of TN 70 from Virginia to North Carolina.
Given that the actual US 33 was in place September 1937, it doesn't seem as though Virginia was on board with this.

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