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I-381 view
Photo: I-381 north leaving VA 381 at Keys/Church Sts (photo by HB Elkins Aug 2003)
From:  City of Bristol
To:  City of Bristol
Total Length: 1.67 miles  
EXIT 1 - I-81 (exit 3), US 58: 0 - 0
VA 381: 1.67 - 1.67
Creation: I-381 opened in Nov 1961 (per Scott Kozel's website). Its interchange with I-81 had 3 of the 4 movements, with the I-381 north to I-81 south movement non-existant. The I-81 north to I-381 movement was a left-handed clover onto the I-81 south to I-381 ramp. The south end was at the Keys/Church St intersection - no interchange...the road simply stopped being a freeway.
Adjustments: Between 1963-70, the interchange with I-81 was reconfigured to allow only movements to and from I-81 north.
In 1987 (bridge dates), the interchange with I-81/US 58 was rebuilt to allow movements to and from I-81 south as well. This reconfiguration changed the official length from 1.45 to 1.67 miles.

1962 Topo
I-81 NB left loop to get to I-381
1962 Topo from historicaerials.com
1970 Topo
To and from I-81 north only
1970 Topo from historicaerials.com
2012 Topo
All movements in place
2012 Topo

Improvements:  Upon designation, I-381 was a 4-laned interstate, as it remains today.
Posted:  Fully posted; its southern endpoint is clearly marked.
Multiplexes:  None
Legislative names:  None
Other names:  None
Scenic Byway:  No segments
Comments:I-381 has no exits other than its northern endpoint with I-81 but the exit has been numbered back to at least 2008 as 1A-B (not sure it has always had exit numbers).
I-381 is shown as complete on the 1961 Washington County map while I-81 is shown as under construction. I-381 first appears on Official maps in 1961.
Mapmikey asks: Why isn't VA 381 signed as I-381 Bus Spur (or US 19)?

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