The Highways of North Carolina
U.S. 13-A 
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U.S. 13-A  dead
Formerly: The first US 13-A was born in 1956 or 1957 as a renumbering of mainline US 13 through Windsor. US 13-A utilized King St and Granville St through town. US 13-A was cosigned with US 17-A on the Granville St. portion.
US 13-A was renumbered as US 13 Business in 1960. The entirety of US 13-A was once the original route of NC 30

1958 Official
US 13-A Windsor
1962 Bertie County
US 13-A becomes US 13 Business
There may have been one other US 13-A, in Powellsville. I'm not 100% convinced it was real, but it is on the 1962 Bertie County map. Not sure if it went through Powellsville or was just the southern half and if that, why not NC 350-A? In any case, today it is SR 1321.
1962 Bertie County
US 13-A in Powellsville?

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