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U.S. 13 
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Photo: US 13 ending at I-95/295 (Doug Kerr)
US 13
U.S. 13  194 miles
The Road: Begins at I-95/295 near Eastover (Cumberland County) and ends at the Virginia state line above Gates (Gates County). Nationally the road runs from Eastover, NC to US 1 Morristown, PA
Towns and Attractions: Cumberland Co.: None  
Sampson Co.: Newton Grove  
Wayne Co.: Goldsboro  
Greene Co.: Snow Hill  
Pitt Co.: Greenville, Bethel  
Edgecombe Co.: None  
Martin Co.: Robersonville, Williamston  
Bertie Co.: Windsor  
Hertford Co.: Ahoskie, Winton  
Gates Co.: None  
History: US 13 is an original US Highway, but it did not come to North Carolina until about 1952. It came in from Virginia and replaced NC 97 from the state line to Windsor, where it ended at US 17 (now NC 308).

1951 Official
NC 97, Windsor to Virginia
1952 Shell
US 13 arrives in North Carolina

Around 1956, US 13 was extended south with US 17 to Williamston, then west with US 64 to Bethel, then south with NC 11 to Greenville, then west with US 264-A and US 264 to Farmville, then south with US 258 to Snow Hill, then west with NC 102 to Goldsboro. US 13 was then placed with US 70 on the Goldsboro Bypass, ending at the US 117 interchange.
1957 Wayne County
US 13 ending at US 70-117 interchange

Around 1957, US 13 was placed on a western bypass of Windsor, leaving behind US 13-A (now US 13 BUsiness).
In 1959 or 1960, US 13 was rerouted in Greenville to continue south with NC 11 to the southern Greenville Bypass, then headed west on mainline US 264. This left behind US 264 Business.
In 1963, US 13 was extended southwest again, further around the Goldsboro Bypass on US 70 and US 117, then replaced NC 102 through Newton Grove and ending at I-95. For some reason it was not extended to very nearby US 301. Oddly the 1962 Wayne County map shows the extension, but not the 1962 County maps of Sampson and Cumberland.

1960 Official
NC 102, Eastover to Goldsboro
1963 Official
US 13 extended to I-95

Mainline maps from at least 1963 forward imply that US 13 was restored to the Dickenson Ave west exit from Greenville. However, the 1968 Pitt County map shows US 13 south to the Greensville Bypass, so it is uncertain when US 13 actually moved but it was before the late 1970s based on personal experience.

1957 Pitt County
US 13 with US 264-A
1962 Pitt County
US 13 with mainline US 264

At least twice in the late 1960s, North and South Carolina tried to have AASHTO approve an extension of US 13 southwest to Abbeville SC. In North Carolina US 13 would've followed US 401 to Laurinburg, then NC 79 into South Carolina. The summary of change requests did not say why this was disapproved. For starters, though, there was no corresponding US route for US 13's proposed endpoint, so that might have been a factor...
In 1970, US 13 was given its current cutoff between US 258 and US 264, which was an upgrade to Pitt SR 1140 and Greene SR 1346.

1968 Official
US 13 with US 264 and US 258
1971 Official
US 13 cuts the corner

In 1974, US 13 was given a western bypass of Winton. The old route through town used Main St, Brickell St and King St across the Chowan River. Some of the Main St piece became part of NC 45 (today some is also part of NC 461).

1973-74 Official
US 13-158 through Winton
1974-75 Official
US 13-158 bypasses Winton

About 2000, US 13 was placed on the new freeway from Bethel to Robersonville with duplexes created with NC 11 and NC 903 north of those towns. The old route became US 64-A.
In 2001 or 2002, US 13 was placed on more new freeway from Robersonville to Williamston, creating a new duplex with US 17. This left behind more US 64-A.
In 2004, US 13 was placed on new freeway around the east side of Williamston, leaving behind an extended US 17 Business and more US 64-A an SR 1598. Also in 2004, US 13 was places on its eastern bypass of Bethel, leaving behind US 13/NC 11 Business.

1999 Official
US 13 routing Bethel to Williamston
2000 Official
US 13 on freeway, Bethel to Robersonville
2003 Official
US 13 on freeway, Bethel to Williamston
2003 Official
US 13 on freeway, Bethel bypass to beyond Williamston

US 13 is the last US route to have come to North Carolina.
US 13 was in North Carolina in the 1925 plan, using today's US 17 corridor from Wilmington north to Virginia.
US 13 does not have much prestige as it seems to be the sidekick to most of its older friends.
A local controversy has arisen regarding widening US 13 from Windsor to Winton. Apparently residents would rather NCDOT do this to NC 11 instead, which is shorter and much more rural than the current US 13 routing.
US 13 is blown off by I-40 in Newton Grove.

Last Update: 30 December 2016

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