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N.C. 213 
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Photo: NC 213 from Old US 19-23 (Adam Prince)
NC 213
N.C. 213  17 miles
The Road: Begins at SR 1149 Walnut and ends at I-26, US 19-23 Mars Hill, all within Madison County.
Towns and Attractions: Madison Co: Walnut, Marshall, Mars Hill
History: NC 213 appeared about 1928 as a renumbering of NC 69, running from US 70/NC 20 Marshall to US 19/NC 69 (now Middle Fork Rd) near Forks of Ivy.
By 1930, NC 213 was straightened out between Petersburg and Mars Hill, leaving behind SRs 1428/1128/1569/1570 Old 213/Bull Creek Rd.
In 1930, NC 213 was extended west as new routing to Canto, then replaced NC 63 west to Trust.
In 1934, NC 213 was rerouted at Mars Hill to head east to US 19-23 at the north end of Middle Fork Rd, replacing NC 31. NC 213 southeast from Mars Hill became part of NC 36 (now just Main St).
About 1947, NC 213 east was truncated slightly to NC 36 (now US 23-A), leaving behind a bit of California Creek Rd and a rerouted US 19-23.
1926 Official
NC 69, Marshall to Mars Hill
1928 Gen Draft
NC 213 replaces NC 69
1935 Gen Draft
NC 213 replaces NC 31, too
1947 Gen Draft
NC 213 replaced by US 19-23 and NC 36A

In 1951, NC 213 west was truncated to US 25-70 Marshall, leaving behind SR 1001 from Marshall to Canto and NC 63 from Canto to Trust.

1929 Official
NC 63 Trust to Canto
1938 Official
NC 213 replaces NC 63 in Madison Co.
1951 Official
NC 63 re-extends to Trust

About 1977, NC 213 was straightened out between Marshall and Petersburg, leaving behind SR 1611 Silvers Mill Rd.
In 1979, NC 213 was extended east over NC 36 out to US 19-23.
1974-75 Official
NC 213 east end in Mars Hill
1979-80 Official
NC 213 replaces NC 36 to US 19-23

In 1982, NC 213 was removed from downtown Marshall and instead placed on the Marshall Bypass and over to the Walnut turn-off. This left behind SR 1198 Hayes Run Rd.
In 2003, NC Officials started showing the stub into Walnut as a colored primary route. When I had driven US 25-70 in 2000, field postings did not indicate where NC 213 stopped being with US 25-70. Today the route is posted into Walnut itself.
1979 Official
NC 213 to central Marshall
1982-83 Official
NC 213 put onto US 25-70
2009 Official
NC 213 into Walnut

Comment: DeLorme Maps show an "Old NC 213" west of Mars Hill that dips way south to an illogical place. This is an error...NC 213 never wandered down that way.
NC 213 is a good cutoff between Marshall and Mars Hill, but the Walnut extension seems a little silly.
Wayne Henderson provides this information regarding NC 213 west of Marshall: In the 1970s, there were plans for NC 213 to be extended over what is secondary route 1151 through the tiny communities of Barnard, Worley, and Big Pine before ending at NC 209 at the community of Spring Creek. While some of SR 1151 was improved, right-of-way issues around Troublesome Gap halted the improvement project.

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