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N.C. 214 
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Photo: NC 214 heading into Bolton (Joe Babyak)
NC 214
N.C. 214  16 miles
The Road: Begins at US 74 Bus-76 Bus near Whiteville and ends US 74-76 nearBolton, all within Columbus County.
Towns and Attractions: Transylvania Co: Pisgah Nat'l Forest
Columbus Co: Lake Waccamaw, Bolton
History: NC 214 appeared about 1933 as new primary routing, running as a short loop off US 17/NC 20 (now NC 214) to Lake Waccamaw.
Between 1985-87, NC 214 was moved to run on old US 74-76 west to Lake Waccamaw, then north on Chancy Rd to US 74-76. The old loop down to the lake itself became SR 1757 Lake Shore Rd.
About 1992, NC 214 was extended east past Bolton to the new (current) US 74-76 routing.
By 1995, NC 214 was rerouted to extend west to nearly Whiteville over SR 1757.
1933 General Drafting map
Original NC 214
1990 oficial state map
NC 214 reworked at Lake Waccamaw
1992 official state map
NC 214 extended east
1995 official state map
NC 214 extended west
Comment: Technically, since no part of the original NC 214 survived after the first change, there have been 2 NC 214's.
Not sure why this isn't an extended Bus US 74-76.

Last Update: 1 August 2009

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