North Carolina Highway 213

Western Terminus

Eastern Terminus

SR 1151 Walnut I-26, US 19, US 23 Mars Hill

Western Terminus

NC 213 east leaving SR 1151/1439 in Walnut. The mysterious NC 213 supposedly has ended here per NCDOT documents since 1981 but was never posted past the west end of the Marshall Bypass. However, in June 2008, Adam Prince found NC 213 to be posted in Walnut. However, the May 2013 GMSV shows that it is again not posted past Marshall.   Photo by Adam Prince, taken June 2008.

Historic Western Terminus (1930-51)

NC 209 north at NC 63. From 1930-51, NC 213 began to the right.   Photo by Matt Craig.

NC 209 south at NC 63. NC 213 began to the left.   Photo by Matt Craig.

Beginning down Old NC 213 east.   Photo by Matt Craig.

Eastern Terminus

NC 213 beginning at the I-26/US 19-23 interchange east of Mars Hill. NC 213 east has ended here since 1975.   Photo by Jimmy Storey.

NC 213 is posted as if it ended at SR 1605 Calvin Edney Rd which at this location is technically not the old US 19-23 alignment.   Photo by Adam Prince.

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