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N.C. 212 
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Photo: NC 212 begins in a lovely location (Adam Prince)
NC 212
N.C. 212  15 miles
The Road: Begins at NC 208 Belva and ends at the Tennessee Line near Carmen, all within Madison County. The route continues as TN 352 to US 19W Ernestville, TN.
Towns and Attractions: Madison Co: Pisgah Nat'l Forest
History: NC 212 appeared in 1926 as new routing, running the way it does now. Oddly, both versions of the 1926 map erroneously show this as NC 211.
Sometime after 1968, the remaining unpaved portion of NC 212 (about last 3.5 miles to Tennessee) looks to have been downgraded to SR 1434. When the road was paved to Tennessee between 1988-90, NC 212 was restored to it.
1926 Official
NC 212 shown as NC 211
1929 Official
NC 212 shown correctly
1968 Madison County
NC 212 still unpaved in 1968
1985 Madison County
SR 1434 on unpaved portion
Comment: I do not have any experience with NC 212, which looks twisty in most spots.
In the late 80s, NC 212 was mentioned from the old US 23 alignment in Tennessee in the Flag Pond area at TN 352.
On early county maps, NC 212 is shown to hit the Tennessee Line well north of the current crossing, but official maps all show the current location, so I believe that is in error.

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