Suggested Exit Numberings/Renumberings

This is my idea for numbering and renumbering various interchanges in the Hampton Roads region and southeastern Virginia.  In Hampton Roads, three Interstates (I-264, 464, and 664) retain sequential-based exit numbering, while one (I-564) doesn't even have exit numbers.  My proposal would change these to a mile-based system.  In addition, I would add exit numbers (and mileposts too) to select major arterials in the region, including US 13, US 58, and VA 168.

As part of this proposal, and to remedy a situation where "Eastbound" I-64 actually heads west in Chesapeake, I would renumber I-64 between the I-64/264/664 "Bowers Hill" interchange and I-264 in eastern Norfolk as an I-664 extension.  I-64 would then terminate at I-264 (Exit 284) in Norfolk.

Froggie's I-264 Exit Numbers

Location/Cross Street Existing Exit Number Suggested Exit Number Notes
I-64/664 (Bower's Hill) (no number) 0AB  
Greenwood Dr 2AB 1AB Modified cloverleaf.
Victory Blvd 3 2  
VA 337/Portsmouth Blvd 4 3 Partial-cloverleaf
US 17/Frederick Blvd 5 4 Partial-cloverleaf
Des Moines Ave 6 5 No access to/from EAST.
VA 141/Effingham St 7AB 6AB  
Downtown Portsmouth 7 6 Westbound exit only
I-464 8 7A Modified directional.
Waterside Dr 9 7B Weird.
Tidewater Dr 10 8A No access to/from EAST.
City Hall Ave 10 8A No access to/from WEST.
US 460/VA 166/168 11(AB) 8B (EB), 8BC (WB) Partial cloverleaf, 2 exits westbound.
Ballentine Blvd 12 9  
US 13/Military Hwy 13 11 Tied into I-64 and Newtown Rd via C/D roads
I-64 (Norfolk) 14 12  
Newtown Rd 15 13  
Witchduck Rd 16 15  
Independence Blvd 17AB 16  
Rosemont Rd 18 18  
Lynnhaven Pkwy 19AB 20AB 7-ramp par-clo, no SB-EB loop.
US 58 East/Laskin Rd 20 21  
First Colonial Rd 21(AB) 23(AB) 2 exits eastbound.
Birdneck Rd 22 24 No access to/from EAST.


Froggie's I-464 Exit Numbers

Location/Cross Street Existing Exit Number Suggested Exit Number Notes
I-64 (Chesapeake) 1AB 0AB Modified cloverleaf.
US 13/Military Hwy 2 1  
Freeman Ave 3 2  
VA 337/Poindexter St 4AB 3AB  
S. Main St 5 4 No access to/from NORTH.
I-264 6 5 Modified directional.


Froggie's I-664 Exit Numbers

These proposed exit numbers include my suggestion, mentioned above, to replace part of I-64 with I-664.  "Milepost 0" is at the I-64 interchange near Hampton Coliseum.  Under my proposal, at US 58 (Existing Exit 13AB), I-664 would switch between north/south and east/west.

Location/Cross Street Existing Exit Number Suggested Exit Number Notes
I-64 (Hampton) 1AB 0AB  
Powhatan Pkwy 2 1  
Aberdeen Rd 3 2  
Chestnut Ave/Roanoke Ave 4 3  
35th St 5 4A Northbound includes Jefferson Ave
26th/27th Sts 6 4B Northbound is 25th/26th Sts
Terminal Ave 7 5  
VA 135/College Dr 8AB 11AB  
US 17/VA 164 9(AB) 13(AB) Two exits northbound.
SR 659/Pughsville Rd 10 14AB  
VA 337/Portsmouth Blvd 11AB 16AB  
SR 663/Dock Landing Rd 12 17  
US 13/58/460 13AB 18AB Modified par-dir/cloverleaf
US 13/460/Military Hwy 14 19 Eastbound exit only.
I-264/Existing I-64 (Bower's Hill) 15AB 20 3-way directional
US 13/460/Military Hwy 297 (I-64) 22 (I-664)  
US 17 North/BUS US 17/GWH 296(AB) (I-64) 24(AB) (I-664) 7-ramp par-clo, no EB-NB loop.
US 17 South/VA 190 292 (I-64) 27 (I-664) Eastbound exit only.
I-464/US 17/VA 168 291AB (I-64) 28AB (I-664) Modified cloverleaf.
VA 168/Battlefield Blvd 290AB (I-64) 29AB (I-664)  
Greenbrier Pkwy 289AB (I-64) 31AB (I-664)  
City Line Rd 288 (I-64) 32 (I-664) This would be for the proposed City Line Rd interchange.
VA 407/Indian River Rd 286AB (I-64) 33AB (I-664)  
I-264 (Norfolk) 284AB (I-64) 36AB (I-664) Modified par-dir/cloverleaf.


Froggie's US 13 Exit Numbers

Some of you may notice a discrepancy between some of my suggested exit numbers below and the recently installed mileposts along US 13 on the Eastern Shore, given that it's roughly 20 miles from US 60 to SR 600 just north of the CBBT, and the first Eastern Shore milepost is MP 70 just south of SR 600.  The reason for the discrepancy is because my proposed exit numbers use US 13's current routing around Suffolk utilizing the Suffolk Bypass, while the mileposts on the Eastern Shore are based on US 13's previous routing through Suffolk, prior to completion of the Suffolk Southwest Bypass in 2003.  US 13's new routing using the bypass is a little under 5 miles longer than the old routing through Suffolk.

Location/Cross Street Suggested Exit Number Notes
SR 688/Turlington Rd 17A On Suffolk Southwest Bypass.  Access to/from SOUTH only.
US 58 West/Emporia 17B Where US 13 meets US 58 Suffolk Bypass.  Modified trumpet interchange.
US 460 East/VA 166/Bainbridge Blvd 40(AB) Modified folded-diamond interchange.  Two exits northbound.
VA 168/Battlefield Blvd 41(AB) Modified cloverleaf.
I-264 47AB Cloverleaf interchange.
US 58/Virginia Beach Blvd 48 Single-point Urban Interchange (SPUI).
VA 165/VA 166/Northampton Blvd (49) Proposed SPUI interchange.
I-64 50 Modified partial-directional/cloverleaf.  No NB-WB or EB-SB ramps.
VA 225/Independence Blvd 53AB Cloverleaf interchange.
US 60/Shore Dr 54  


Froggie's US 58 Exit Numbers

These proposed exit numbers are based on US 58's 2003 mileage, and do not take into account mileage changes due to the recently completed Stuart and Danville bypasses or the under-construction Clarksville bypass.

Location/Cross Street Suggested Exit Number Notes
I-95 408AB Cloverleaf interchange.
US 301 409 Folded-diamond interchange.
VA 35 434  
BUS US 58/SR 742 (438) Proposed interchange at east end of Courtland Bypass.
SR 671/Armory Dr 443  
US 258 South 444  
SR 714/Predlow St 446 Modified folded-diamond.
US 258 North/VA 189 South 448 Partial folded-diamond.
BUS US 58/Holland 455 Access to/from EAST only.
US 13 South 463 Modified trumpet interchange.
SR 604/Pitchkettle Rd 464  
US 460 West 466  
VA 10/VA 32 467  
SR 642/Wilroy Rd 469  
BUS 13/58/460 471 Partial-directional.  Access to/from EAST only.
I-664 477AB Modified partial-directional/cloverleaf interchange.
VA 141/London Blvd 484(AB) Modified partial-cloverleaf.  Two exits westbound.
Cleveland St 485A Modified folded-diamond.
VA 164/Western Freeway 485B Completion in 2005.  Directional interchange.
VA 337/Hampton Blvd 486AB Modified partial-directional/cloverleaf.  Some movements missing.
BUS US 58/Virginia Beach Blvd 502 Partial-directional.  Access to/from WEST only.


Froggie's VA 164 Exit Numbers

Location/Cross Street Suggested Exit Number Notes
I-664 1(AB) Just east of VA 164's beginning at US 17.  Partial directional/cloverleaf.  Two exits westbound.
VA 135/College Dr 1C No access to/from WEST.
Towne Point Rd 2  
Cedar Ln 3(AB) 6-ramp par-clo.  Two exits westbound.
Proposed Craney Island Connector (4) Proposed access to Craney Island Terminal and the "Third Crossing".
West Norfolk 5 Folded-diamond.
Cleveland St 7A Access to/from WEST only.
US 58 7BC Upon completion in 2005, east end of VA 164.


Froggie's VA 168 Exit Numbers

Location/Cross Street Suggested Exit Number Notes
BUS VA 168/Battlefield Blvd 4 Just north of the toll booth on the Chesapeake Expressway.  No access to/from NORTH.
Hillcrest Pkwy 7(AB) Two exits southbound.
BUS VA 168/Battlefield Blvd 9 Just south of Hanbury Rd.  No access to/from NORTH.
Hanbury Rd 10(AB) Two exits southbound.
VA 165/Mt. Pleasant Rd 11(AB) Two exits southbound.
BUS VA 168/VA 190 13AB Just north of VA 190/Great Bridge Blvd.  Modified cloverleaf.
US 17/Dominion Blvd 15A Modified directional interchange.
I-64 (West) 15BC At I-464.  Modified cloverleaf.  I-64 becomes I-664 under my proposal
I-64 (East) 16AB At Battlefield Blvd.  I-64 becomes I-664 under my proposal
US 13/Military Hwy 17AB Modified cloverleaf.
Campostella Rd South 20 No access to/from SOUTH.
Muskogee Ave (Norfolk) 25A Modified folded-diamond.
Philpotts Rd (Norfolk) 25B Modified folded-diamond.
I-64 (Norfolk) 26AB Partial directional/cloverleaf.
VA 165/Little Creek Rd 27 Modified SPUI.
US 460/Granby St 29A  
Peachtree St 29B Southbound exit only.


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