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TN 66A  renumbered
Previous TN 66A's:

TN 66A #1: Appeared in 1931 or 1932 as new routing, running from US 11E Whitesburg to TN 66 (now Hagan Reynolds Rd jct with Old State Hwy 66) near Persia.
Between 1965-69, TN 66A was renumbered as TN 113. Today this is Whitesburg Pike; TN 344 into Hawkins County; TN 113 to TN 66; Old TN 113 east to the Honeycutt Creek bridge, then a dead end road north that no longer crosses the railroad to Hagan Reynolds Rd, then east to its former end at Old TN 66.
TN 66A #2: Appeared in 1953 or 1954 as a renumbering of TN 66 from US 25W-70 Dandridge to US 25E White Pine.
Between 1965-69, this TN 66A was also renumbered as TN 113. Topo maps showed TN 66A overlaying US 25E up to Morristown but I have doubts since official route logs do not have this.

1932 Official
TN 66A #1
1932 Official
1956 Gousha
TN 66A #2 appears
1956 Gousha
1971 Official
TN 113 replaces both TN 66A routes
1971 Official

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