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TN 473  decommissioned
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TN 473: Appeared about 2008 when the Anderson St bridge was completed. US 421 was removed from Pennsylvania Ave in Bristol and instead went over the new bridge then turned north of Martin Luther King Jr Blvd to head into Virginia. TN 473 was assigned to Pennsylvania Ave, then State St west, then with US 421 on MLK Blvd south back to Anderson St (TN 34 stayed on Anderson west to US 11E-19). So TN 473 was a renumbering of a section of TN 34.
About 2011, TN 473 was decommissioned when US 421 was removed from MLK Blvd and placed on its current routing on Anderson to US 11E-19.
TN 473 remained on state officials through 2017 but function classification maps showed it already gone by 2014, so I am pretty sure it went away when US 421 was moved off MLK Blvd. It is possible TN 473 was decommission from State St/Pennsylvania Ave first but I can't definitively prove that.
As best I can tell, TN 473 was not posted.

2007 Sullivan County
US 421/TN 34 on Pennsylvania Ave to state line
2007 Sullivan County
2009 Official
TN 473 shown clearly on Pennsylvania Ave
US 421 incorrectly shown over to US 11E-19
2009 Official
2013 Sullivan County Traffic Map
US 421/TN 473 shown on MLK Blvd
TN 473 is implied to continue east on State with mileage marker
2013 Sullivan County Traffic Map

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