TN 383
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From:  Post Oak (Claiborne County)
To:  Virginia State Line (Claiborne County)
Total Length:
0.8 miles
The route continues 510 miles as US 58 to end at US 60 Virginia Beach VA

US 25E, US 58 BEGIN, TN 32: 0 - 0
VA STATE LINE: 0.8 - 0.8
Creation: Appeared about 1995 running from N. Cumberland Dr (was US 25E then) east the short distance with US 58 to Virginia. This is shown clearly on Historic Aerials but not on any map I have seen.
Adjustments: In Oct 1996, TN 383 was extended southwest replacing US 25E to its current routing that approaches the Cumberland Gap Tunnel.
Posting: Not posted
Secret US Route Overlay: US 58 (entire length)
Comment: Provides access to Cumberland Gap National Historic Park.

1985 Claiborne County
US 25E into Virginia at Cumberland Gap
1985 Claiborne County
1998 Claiborne County
TN 383 into Virginia at Cumberland Gap
1998 Claiborne County

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