TN 255
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From:  Oak Hill (Davidson County)
To:  Donelson area of Nashville (Davidson County)
Total Length:
11.2 miles

US 31, TN 6: 0 - 0
I-65 (exit 78): 0.6 - 0.6
US 31 ALT, US 41 ALT, TN 11: 2.2 - 2.8
I-24 (exit 56): 1.5 - 4.3
US 41, US 70S, TN 1: 2.5 - 6.8
I-40 (exit 216B-C): 2.5 - 9.3
US 70, TN 24: 1.9 - 11.2
Creation: Appeared in 1983 running as it does today.
Adjustments: TN 255 may have briefly used Ezell Pike and unnamed diagonal road south of US 41-70S before being placed on modern Donaldson Pike down to Harding Place
Posting: Posted as secondary everywhere
Secret US Route Overlay: None
Comment: Around 1987, the main passenger terminal at Nashville Int'l Airport was moved from off Briley Pwky (TN 155) to off Donelson Pike (TN 255). A diamond interchange was built on TN 255 as access to the new terminal. A little south of this interchange, TN 255 passes underneath a runway taxiway.
The area around the I-65 interchange was reconstructed in 2001 and features an 11-lane-wide bridge over the CSX Radnor Yards just east of I-65.
Rush hour backups are common around I-24.
Billy Riddle reported in 2006 "that there was a proposal to extend Harding Place, starting at the point where Harding Place becomes Donelson Pike about a mile south of US 41/US 70S. This extension was purported to be a full freeway running east of and parallel to Donelson Pike up to I-40 around the Elm Hill Pike overpass. Whether TN 255 would have been relocated to any such freeway, as well as details on the proposal itself, is unknown."
A little searching found the 2006 Transportation Report which has good details on what is proposed; also here is the TIP Project from 2008; it appears part of the project was put out for bid in 2016
Something happened though, because it appears this project is falling off the TIP - see page 37 of the June 2019 nashville MPO Transportation Policy Board meeting.
These documents are also unclear if TN 255 would actually move to the new roadway, as they would also rebuild the current interchange of I-40 at TN 255.
2017-18 Official
TN 255 in the Nashville Metro
2017-18 Official

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