TN 205
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From:  near Rosemark (Shelby County)
To:  Millington (Shelby County)
Total Length:
7.4 miles

TN 14: 0 - 0
US 51, TN 3: 7.4 - 7.4
Creation: Appeared in 1983 running from TN 57 Collierville north to Arlington then west to US 51 Millington.
Adjustments: In 1989, TN 205 was straightened out for 3.5 miles east of TN 14. Old segments of TN 205: Leggett View/Gravesmont Tr; McMullen Cir; Myrel Rd/Brunswick Rd/Birch River Cove; Barnett Oaks Cove; Gotley Rd/Deadfall Rd;
Between 1997-2001, TN 205 between I-40 and TN 14 was removed from the state highway system, making TN 205 a spilt route.
In 2014 or 2015, the southern segment from TN 57 Collierville to I-40 was removed from the state highway system.
Posting: posted as secondary routing throughout; note that the entirety of the original TN 205 still shows as being posted in GMSV!
Secret US Route Overlay: None
Comment: Serves the Naval Air Station in Millington
TN 205 was a narrow route with lots of sharp curves that could no longer support the traffic growth as Memphis suburbia crept eastward. It is not surprising that as soon as the TN 385/I-269 freeways were finished that TN 205 was removed from the state highway system.

1986 Official
TN 205 Collierville to Millington
1986 Official
2001 Official
TN 205 split into two segments
2001 Official
2015 Official
TN 205 reduced to just US 51 to TN 14
2015 Official

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