TN 165
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From:  Tellico Plains (Monroe County)
To:  North Carolina State Line at Beech Gap (Monroe County)
The route continues 29 miles as NC 143 to end at NC 28 Stecoah NC.
Total Length:
23.9 miles

TN 68: 0 - 0
TN 360: 1.1 - 1.1
NC STATE LINE: 22.8 - 23.9
Creation: Appeared between 1982-85 running generally the way it does now.
Adjustments: About 1997, TN 165 was put on new alignment bypassing the central part of Tellico Plains to meet the also rerouted TN 68. Up to then TN 165 began at Scott St and headed east on Veterans Memorial Dr.
Posting: posted as secondary routing everywhere
Secret US Route Overlay: None
Comment: TN 165 forms Tennessee's half of the Cherohala Skyway which is a joint venture with NCDOT to have a Blue Ridge Parkway-like routing in this remote part of both states.
By 1978, 3/4 of the Tennessee half was finsihed, with the rest done by 1985. North Carolina's side wasn't completed until the mid-1990s
It was reported that the Tennessee side had a speed limit of just 30 mph, but modern GMSV shows a sign leaving TN 68 that the speed limit is 40 for the next 24 miles.

1986 Official
TN 165
1986 Official
1995 Monroe County
TN 165 to central Tellico Plains
1985 Monroe County
2007 Monroe County
TN 165 bypasses Tellico Plains
2007 Monroe County

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