TN 162
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From:  Rockford (Blount County) To:  Alcoa (Blount County)
From:  Farragut (Knox County) To:  Solway (Knox County)
Total Length:
8.7 miles (both pieces)

TN 33: 0 - 0
I-140 (exit 11), US 129, TN 115: 2.7 - 2.7
I-40 (exit 376), I-75, I-140 (exit 1D): 0 - 2.7
TN 131: 2.2 - 4.9
TN 62: 3.8 - 8.7
Creation: Appeared in 1971 running from I-40/75 to TN 62.
Adjustments: Per the EIS of the Pellissipi Parkway, extension of TN 162 southeast to US 129 was proposed in 1973 and actual progress began in the mid-1980s. Construction began at US 129 and worked northwestwards. When the first segment from US 129 to TN 332 was opened in late 1992, it appeared on state maps as I-140 despite not connecting to I-40 until late 1996. It is unclear what the road was signed as.
The Pellissippi Parkway was extended east from US 129 to Cussick Rd in late 1996. It is unclear what designation it carried then.
In 2005, the Pellissippi Parkway was extended east to TN 33 and TN 162 was definitely assigned to the entire route east of US 129 by then.
Posting: posted as primary routing everywhere
There are BEGIN/END TN 162 shields at the US 129 interchange
Secret US Route Overlay: None
Comment: Provides quick access to the Oak Ridge area from I-40/75.
TN 162 is slated to be extended east to US 321 east of Maryville.
TN 162 west of I-40/75 is fully controlled access for half its run to TN 62. When first opened though, there were at grade intersections right at the I-40 interchange (which initially was the directional ramp and flyover to/from I-40/75 east) connecting to a diamond interchange I-40/75 already had with Mabry Hood Rd (removed during construction of current I-140 interchange).

1972 Official
TN 162 from TN 62 to I-40/75
1972 Official
2006 Official
TN 162 appears on the other side of I-140
2006 Official

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