TN 158
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From:  Downtown Knoxville (Knox County)
To:  Knoxville (Knox County)
Total Length:
1.6 miles

US 11, US 70, TN 1: 0 - 0
I-40 (exit 388): 1.6 - 1.6
Creation: Appeared about 1958. Per the 1958 official route log, it ran only from US 11-70 near First Creek to I-40. This would be the very short piece of freeway between Summit Hill Ave and I-40.

1958 route log
TN 158's original description
1958 TDOT Route Log

Adjustments: By 1971, TN 158 was extended south as new freeway then added to Neyland Drive along the river all the way around to US 11-70 near Third Creek. Note the bridges on the freeway extension were built in 1972 so TN 158 may have been disconnected for a time.
Between 1981-85, TN 158 was extended past I-40 onto Hall of Fame Dr to end at US 441.
About 2009, TN 158 was removed from Hall of Fame Dr when the I-40 re-construction project made it impossible to go from TN 158 south of I-40 to Hall of Fame Dr. Hall of Fame Dr appears to be TN 33 CONN now (per TDOT Traffic map).
About 2014, TN 158 west was truncated to US 11-70 Downtown, as US 11-70 and TN 1 were routed over Neyland Dr.
Posting: Posted as primary routing throughout
Secret US Route Overlay: None
Comment: At its reduced length, TN 158 isn't much more than 2-lane ramps from I-40 now, though it does still have a partial interchange at Summit Hill Dr.

1980 Knox County
TN 158 ending at I-40
1980 Knox County
1985 Knox County
TN 158 extended to US 441
1985 Knox County
2012 Official
TN 158 truncated back to I-40
Note TN 158 assigned to the ramps that
do not connect to Hall of Fame Dr
2012 Official
2017-18 Official
TN 158 truncated and replaced by TN 1
2017-18 Official

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