TN 143
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From:  North Carolina State Line below Burbank (Carter County)
To:  Roan Mountain (Carter County)
Total Length:
12.6 miles
The route continues 13 miles as NC 261 to end at NC 226 Bakersville.

US 19E, TN 37: 12.6 - 12.6
Creation: Appeared in 1952 running essentially as it does today.
Adjustments: In 1958, TN 143 was extended through Roan Mountain over what had been US 19E. TN 143's north end was Old Hwy 143 at Cloudland Dr.
In 1967, TN 143 was rerouted to the west of central Roan Mountain to meet US 19E further west. The original TN 143 route used Old Hwy 143, West St and Main St.
Posting: Posted as secondary routing throughout
Secret US Route Overlay: None
Comment: Mapmikey drove TN 143 in the middle of the night in the late 1980s. Memory was that along with NC 261 this was a very twisty road on both sides of Carver Gap
1956 Gousha
TN 143 into Roan Mountain
1956 Gousha

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