TN 125
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From:  Mississippi State Line below Middleton (Hardeman County)
To:  Chickasaw State Park (Chester County)
Total Length:
33.8 miles
The route continues the entire length of Mississippi as MS 15 to end at US 90 Biloxi MS.

TN 57: 3.2 - 3.2
US 64, TN 15, TN 18 SB: 12.5 - 15.7
TN 18 NB: 3.1 - 18.8
Chester-Hardeman Line: 11.6 - 30.4
TN 100: 3.4 - 33.8
Creation: Appeared in 1945 or 1946 running from US 64, 1.3 miles east of Bolivar south through Middleton to Mississippi.
Adjustments: In 1948, TN 125 was removed from Grant St in Middleton; North Bass Rd between Stevens Rd and (no longer connects to) Hebron Rd; Maxwell Rd which used to bend back over to Lake Crisp Rd.
In 1949, TN 125 was removed from Middleton Loop south of Bolivar; Old TN 125 that connects to US 64 east of Bolivar.
In 1955, AASHO turned down a request for a new US highway from Pascagoula MS to Jackson TN. In Tennessee the route would've used all of TN 125. No number was suggested but I feel like if they would've included replacing US 45W this might've been more palatable, and the number I would've chosen is US 47, though an x45 would also have worked.
In 1958, AASHO turned down a request for a new US highway from Beaumont MS to Jackson TN. In Tennessee the route would've again used all of TN 125.
In 1983, TN 125 was extended north with TN 18 to Shandy, then northeast to TN 100 at Chickasaw State Park. From TN 18 into Chester County had been part of TN 105 decades earlier.
Posting: Posted as primary routing from Bolivar to MS and secondary elsewhere
The overlay with TN 18 is not posted.
Secret US Route Overlay: None
Comment: TN 125 connects TN 18 and US 64 to MS 15 which is a major corridor in Mississippi.

1951 Official
TN 125 from Bolivar south to Mississippi
1951 Official
1986 Official
TN 125 extended to Chickasaw State Park
1986 Official

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