TN 120
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From:  south of Big Rock (Stewart County)
To:  Kentucky State Line above Bumpus Mills (Stewart County)
Total Length:
12.1 miles
The route continues 36 miles as KY 139 to end at KY 293 Princeton KY.

US 79, TN 76: 0 - 0
KY STATE LINE: 12.1 - 12.1
Creation: Appeared in 1939 or 1940 running essentially as it does today.
Adjustments: In 1975, TN 120 was given a new crossing of Saline Creek in Bumpus Mills, leaving behind Old Highway 120 in Bumpus Mills and abandoned routing north of the creek.
Posting: Posted as secondary throughout.
Secret US Route Overlay: None
Comment: TN 120 is very winding and there are shortcuts available with Wyatt Hollow Rd and Joiner Holler Rd to cut the length noticeably. To be fair, US 79 used to run further south than it does now and Joiner Hollow Rd doesn't reach the former alignment.
1940 Official
TN 120
1940 Official

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