TN 97
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From:  Alabama State Line at Francisco AL (Franklin County)
To:  Huntland (Franklin County)
Total Length:
5.6 miles
The route continues 28 miles as AL 65 to end at US 72 near Paint Rock AL.
TN 122: 5.6 - 5.6
Creation: Appeared in 1927 or 1928 running from US 41 Pelham southwest through Winchester, Belvidere and Huntland before ending at the Lincoln County Line.
Adjustments: In 1931, TN 97 east was truncated to Belvidere. Belvider to Winchester became part of TN 15-S (now Belvidere Rd/Old David Crockett Hwy, a bit of US 64 and US 64 Bus). The route to Winchester to Pelham is unclear in 1931 but became part of TN 50 in 1932 (now a bit of US 41A, Old Decherd Rd, some TN 50, the lengthy Old Alto Hwy; US 64 to I-24 except Old State Hwy 50, Old Pelham Rd; TN 50 to Pelham except Ballpark Rd.

1929 Official
TN 97 from Huntland area to Pelham
1929 Official
1930 Clasons
TN 97 truncated to Belvidere
1931 Clasons

In 1933 or 1934, TN 97 east was truncated to US 64 Salem.
Between 1935-39, TN 97 was rerouted at Huntland to head north to US 64 instead of via Beans Creek to Salem. The first half-mile of the old route became part of TN 97-S and Beans Creek Rd through Beans Creek to US 64 Salem.
In 1940, TN 97 south was cut back to Huntland, then sent east and south replacing TN 97-S to the Alabama Line at Francisco AL. The old route to Lincoln County was Elora Rd, which did become TN 122 not long after.

1939 Franklin County
TN 97 from Huntland southwest to Lincoln County
1939 Franklin County
1940 Official
TN 97 replaces TN 97-S to Alabama
1940 Official

Between 1979-85, TN 97 north was truncated to Huntland with the route replaced by TN 122 to US 64.

1978 Franklin County
TN 97 from Huntland to US 64
1978 Franklin County
1985 Franklin County
TN 122 from Huntland to US 64
1985 Franklin County

Posting: Posted as secondary throughout
Secret US Route Overlay: None
Comment: TN 97 contains 2 90 degree turns in Huntland plus 3 tight 15 mph curves just east of Huntland

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