TN 94
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From:  Greenback (Hawkins County)
To:  Alumwell (Hawkins County)
Total Length:
8.0 miles
TN 66: 0 - 0
TN 70: 8.0 - 8.0
Creation: Appeared in 1927 or 1928 running as it does today.
Adjustments: None
Posting: Posted as secondary everywhere
Secret US Route Overlay: None
Comment: TN 94 has an ineresting feature in the Pressman's Home area. There is a 1.3 mile stretch of TN 94 that is a divided highway with a median, though only one lane per side. This is shown explicitly on the 1935 topo and may go back to its beginning.
The original purpose of TN 94 was to serve the Pressman's Home (roughly midway along TN 94) which was a very important and influential center for newspaper publishing in the early half of the 20th century. They abandoned Tennessee to be closer to the lobbying action in the 1960s and the site is mostly abandoned now. It used to have hotels and amenities.
1929 Official
TN 94
1929 Official

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