TN 44
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From:  Hillcrest (Sullivan County)
To:  Virginia State Line (Sullivan County)
Total Length:
21.0 miles
The route continues 10 miles as VA 75 to end at US 11-58 ALT Abingdon VA.
US 19E, TN 37: 0 - 0
TN 390: 1.7 - 1.7
TN 358: 4.8 - 6.5
US 421 NB, TN 34 WB: 7.7 - 14.2
TN 435: 2.7 - 16.9
US 421 SB, TN 34 EB: 1.6 - 18.5
VA STATE LINE: 2.5 - 21.0
Creation: Appeared in 1933 or 1934 as new state highway, running 0.9 miles from US 421 (now Knob Park Rd) northeast of Holston Valley north to the Virginia line. This is the 2nd TN 44.
Adjustments: In 1949, TN 44 was extended southwest replacing US 421 to its new South Holston Lake routing.

1934 Official
TN 44 from US 421 to Virginia
1934 Official
1938 Sullivan County
TN 44 originally 0.9 miles
1938 Sullivan County

In 1983, TN 44 was extended west with US 421 to the outskirts of Bristol, then southwest as new state highway through Bluff City to end at US 11E-19-19W (now just US 11E-19W) Hillcrest

1955 Sullivan County
TN 44 extended southwest to modern US 421
1955 Sullivan County
1986 Official
TN 44 extended to US 11E-19W (followed US 19E's ending at US 11E-19-19W)
1986 Official

Between 1987-92, TN 44 was removed from Old Oak Lane in Hickory Tree.
About 2015, TN 44 south was truncated to US 19E, leaving behind Bluff City Hwy.
Posting: Posted as secondary routing throughout.
The overlay with US 421 is not posted
Secret US Route Overlay: None
Comment: TN 44 can be used as part of a backdoor shortcut from I-81 in Virginia to Bristol Motor Speedway.
One can still reach TN 44 from US 11E-19W northbound onto the decommissioned portion, but no other movements are possible at that location anymore.

Previous TN 44's:

TN 44 #1: An original state highway that ran from TN 5 (now TN 364) Henderson northeast through Lexington to end at TN 1 (now US 70 Bus Camden).
In 1925 or 1926, TN 44 north was rerouted at Lexington to instead head north to TN 1 Huntingdon. The old route likely was envisioned to follow TN 114's path to just past I-40, then Pecan Tree Rd/Park Rd/Camden Rd/Old Union Church Rd/Divider and Natchez Trace Rd/Natchez Trace Rd/Cherokee Ave into Camden.
In 1927 or 1928, TN 44 was renumbered as part of TN 22. Today this is Main St and Mifflin Ave in Henderson; Jacks Creek St/Jacks Creek Cove (cutoff by modern TN 100)/Old Jacks Creek Rd; TN 22A; Rush St; Purdy St/Ayers St/Holley St/Main St/Natchez Trace Dr/Church St/Broad St/Wilson St in Lexington; Old huntingdon Rd (no longer connects to)/Wilson Rd; mostly abandoned alignments that gently switch back and forth several times over TN 22 to Clarksburg; TN 22, Lexington St into Huntingdon.

1924 Official
TN 44 Henderson to Camden
1924 Official
1926 Official
TN 44 rerouted to Huntingdon
Note TN 44 shown as TN 45 at Henderson, in error
1926 Official
1929 Official
TN 22 replaces TN 44
1929 Official

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