VA 330
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VA 330
Photo: Beginning down VA 330 (photo by Mapmikey, 2007)
Keems Mountain Correctional Facility, Oakwood (Buchanan County)
Total Length: 0.34 mile

SR 624: 0 - 0
SR 800: 0.34 - 0.34

Creation: This facility was opened in 1990; this is the 2nd VA 330.
Adjustments: Likely none
Posting: Fully posted in shields at each end.
Comment: Mailing address says it is on SR 629, which runs east of US 460. I found this in the VDOT route log, and had never noticed it in the county atlas books before. The route connects SR 624 and SR 800 and runs by the prison as opposed to running to it.
Does not appear in the late 2010s version of Buchanan County maps.
Previous VA 330's:
VA 330 #1: The State Teachers College at Fredericksburg received 0.38 miles of state mileage in July 1932.
VA 330 was assigned as the number by Dec 1938 (CTB).
In Dec 1980 (CTB), VA 330 (then 0.44 miles) was removed from the primary system.
I have never seen a map showing this VA 330; nor have I ever found a picture showing a route marker.
The State Teachers College in Fredericksburg became Mary Washington College (now University) in 1944.

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