The Highways of North Carolina
N.C. 700 
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N.C. 700  16 miles
The Road: Begins at NC 14-87-700 Eden (Rockingham County) and ends at US 29 Pelham (Caswell County).
Towns and Attractions: Rockingham Co: Eden, Draper
Caswell Co: None
History: NC 700 was created in 1934 as new primary routing, running from US 29 Pelham west to Eden, then northwest to NC 54 (old NC 87) a little short of the Virginia Line.
About 1957, NC 700 east was truncated from Pelham to US 29's newer alignment which is essentially where the US 29 freeway is today. Virginia official maps are clearer about this development than those of North Carolina.
In 2000, NC 700 west was truncated to NC 14-87-770 when all state routes were removed from central Eden. This left behind W. Meadow Rd and Morgan Rd.
1936 Official
NC 700's initial routing
1957 Virginia Official
US 29 changes alignments
1999 Official
NC 700 through Eden

2000 Official
NC 700 truncated

NC 700 retains a duplex with NC 770 for its last western piece.
The US 29 North Carolin Welcome Center is actually on NC 700.

Last Update: 20 October 2007

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