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N.C. 701 
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N.C. 701  dead

NC 701: Appeared as new primary routing by 1930, running from NC 70 (Main St) Aberdeen east to Walter Hines Page Tomb. It probably began at Blue at Main. It is shown but not labeled on 1930 and later officials.
NC 701 may have been extended west to US 1 before its demise. NC 70 or NC 211 was moved from Main St to South St at some point (otherwise NC 701 would've been numbered NC 502). The 1930 map is not detailed enough to tell.
Since US 701 existed at the time of the Great Renumbering, NC 701 was renumbered as NC 5 in late 1934.

Who was Walter Hines Page? Page was a Cary native journalist who among other things championed education for all races and improved roads in the latter part of the 19th Century. He was the US Ambassador to Great Britain under President Wilson and died in Pinehurst in 1918. Why he rated a state highway to his grave is a mystery.

1933 official map
NC 701 shown but not labeled, 1933
1930 Moore County Map
NC 701 on the '30 Moore County map
1936 Moore County
NC 5 replaces NC 701

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