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N.C. 345-E 
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Photo: NC 345-E's old eastbound end in historic Manteo (Mapmikey)
NC 345-E
N.C. 345-E  dead

NC 345-E: Implied to have been born between 1931-1936. It is shown but not labeled on the 1936-1949 Dare County Maps. It ran from NC 345 (current US 64 Business) into central Manteo. The 1957 Dare County Map explicitly labels NC 345-E.
The 1962 Dare County Map does not show a secondary number nor a primary number, but the 1968 Dare County Map shows NC 345-E downgraded to SR 1150 which today is Burleigh St.
NC 345-E ran one street below NC 400 WB.

1936 Dare County
NC 345-E implied
1957 Dare County
NC 345-E explicitly shown
1968 Dare County
NC 345-E downgraded to SR 1150

Last Update: 26 April 2008

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