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N.C. 345 
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Photo: NC 345 ends near the Marina (Mapmikey)
NC 345
N.C. 345  4 miles
The Road: Begins at US 64-64 Bus near Manteo and ends at the village of Wanchese, all within Dare County.
Towns and Attractions: Dare Co: Wanchese
History: NC 345 was an original state highway. It ran at least from Manteo south to Wanchese. The 1923-24 Auto Trails shows NC 345 as 7 miles while later maps show a 12 mile length (but distance might include spurs?), so it is unclear how 345 may have initially run early on.
It appears that by 1924, NC 345 ran from Wanchese north to the Fort Raleigh Monument.
In 1930 a bridge to Nags Head appeared and is shown as primary routing on the 1930 Map but unlabeled. The 1930 Dare County Map shows today's NC 12 as NC 346 so this bridge connection may have been NC 346.
About 1950, US 64-264 was routed onto Roanoke Island. County maps through 1958 show NC 345 duplexed with US 64-264 and entered Fort Raleigh Nat'l Monument.
1924 Official
NC 345 original routing
1929 Official
NC 345 developing appendages
1963 Official
NC 345 in its present status

In 1963, NC 345 underwent two significant changes. First, NC 345 north was truncated back to its current north end leaving behind US 64-264 (now Us 64 BUsiness), 0.5 miles of SR 1167, and the northernmost 1.2 miles were absorbed into Fort Raleigh and are not a road anymore.
OLD NC 345
proof of Old NC 345 at SR 1167 (phtoto by Mapmikey)
1962 Dare County
NC 345 in Fort Raleigh
1968 Dare County
NC 345 mostly obliterated

Second, NC 345 was removed from its southern ending on the west side of Wanchese and moved to its current end. This was an upgrade to SR 1141 which had been NC 345-A for many years. The old 345 end became SR 1168, some of which has also been blocked off at the end.
1962 Dare County
NC 345 to west Wanchese
1968 Dare County
NC 345 to east Wanchese

Comment: NC 345 is posted only on brown unisigns on its north end and sparingly elsewhere. How did Roanoke Island get a state route in 1921?

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