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N.C. 194 
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Photo: NC 194 leaving the Virginia line (Matt Craig)
NC 194
N.C. 194  87 miles
The Road: Begins at US 19E Ingalls (Avery County) and ends at the Virginia line above Helton (Ashe County). The road does not continue as a primary highway.
Towns and Attractions: Avery Co: Newland, Banner Elk
Watauga Co: Pisgah Nat'l Forest, Boone
Ashe Co: Jefferson, West Jefferson
History: NC 194 is an original NC route, which started out running from NC 19 (now US 221-NC 226 split) Woodlawn north to Newland then heading west to end at NC 69 (now US 19E) Minneapolis.
In 1923, NC 194 was rerouted at Newland to instead head north to NC 69 (now US 19E) Cranberry. The route over SR 1157 Old Toe Creek Rd to Minneapolis has been secondary ever since
It appears that in 1924, NC 194 was extended northwest with NC 69 briefly, then replaced NC 694 through Elk Park to the Tennessee Line.

1921 Official
NC 194 initial route
1922 Official
NC 194 rerouted to Cranberry
1922 Pocket Map
Original NC 694
1929 Official
NC 194 replaces NC 694

It appears that about 1929, NC 194 was put on new routing between Woodlawn and Ashford using "Old US 221" and modern US 221 and leaving behind today's Old Linville Rd.
In 1930, NC 194 was extended north, replacing NC 69 from Cranberry to end at US 321/NC 60 Villas. The route through Elk Park to Tennessee became part of NC 69.
1929 Official
NC 69 Cranberry to Villas
1930 Official
NC 194 Cranberry to Villas

In 1932, NC 194 south was truncated to end at US 221/NC 28 west of Pineola. NC 194 down to Woodlawn became part of US 221/NC 28.
In 1933, NC 194 was re-extended south along US 221/NC 194, then replaced NC 691 west to end at US 19E/NC 69 Ingalls.
1932 Texaco
NC 194 south truncated
1933 Official
NC 194 extended to Ingalls

Between 1939-44, NC 194 was removed from SR 1523 and SR 1524 between Crossnore and its US 221 split.
About 1953, NC 194 was extended east along US 421 to Boone then replaced US 221 through Todd to Jefferson, then replaced NC 162 north to Virginia.

1947 Gen Drafting
US 221 through Todd
1953 Official
NC 194 replaces US 221

1938 Gen Drafting
NC 162 north of Jefferson
1953 Official
NC 194 replaces NC 162

Between 1963-68, NC 194 was removed from SR 1361 Blevins Creek Rd south of Cranberry.

1962 Avery County
NC 194 original path
1968 Avery County
NC 194 straightened out

Comment: NC 194 is a wonderful backcountry route, especially between Boone and Jefferson.

Last Update: 29 January 2010

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