The Highways of North Carolina
N.C. 192 
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Photo: NC 192 used to begin at the SC state line here (Lyndon Young)
NC 192
N.C. 192  on its way back to service

NC 192 #2 appears in an Winston-Salem Journal Article. The article quotes NCDOT as indicating that when the Winston-Salem Beltway is completed between existing I-74 southeast of the city northward across I-40 and on around, the piece of I-74 between the beltway and I-40 near the US 52 interchange will be designated as NC 192. Credit to aaroads posted LM117 for finding this article.
NC 192 #1 appeared about 1928 running from NC 19 (now NC 108) Mill Spring north to US 74/NC 20 (now US 64/74A) Lake Lure.
In 1931, NC 192 was extended south as new primary routing to the South Carolina line, where the route continued as SC 177 to Spartanburg.
In late 1937, NC 192 was renumbered as NC 9.

1928 Gen Draft
N.C. 192 appears
1931 Official
N.C. 192 extended to S.C.
1938 Gen Draft
N.C. 9 replaces N.C. 192

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