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N.C. 130 
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Photo: NC 130 leaving Holden Beach (Jimmy Storey)
NC 130
N.C. 130  103 miles
The Road: Begins at NC 71/US 74 Bus Maxton (Robeson County) and ends at SR 1116 Holden Beach (Brunswick County)
Towns and Attractions: Robeson Co: Maxton, Rowland, Fairmont
Columbus Co: Chadbourn, Whiteville
Brunswick Co: Shalotte, Holden Beach
History: NC 130 was born about 1928 as a renumbering of part of NC 201, running from NC 30 (now US 17) Supply east to Southport. NC 130 followed Howe St then headed east on Moore St to end at N. Atlantic Ave.

1927 Clasons
NC 201 south of Wilmington
1929 Official
NC 130 replaces NC 201
1930 Official
NC 130 extended to Whiteville

In 1930, NC 130 was extended west along NC 30 to Shalotte, then north as new routing to end at NC 23 (now US 701 Bus) South Whiteville.
In 1940, NC 130 was extended with US 701 to Whiteville, then with US 74 through Chadbourn to Boardman, then replaced NC 71 west through Fairmont and Rowland before ending at US 74/NC 71 Maxton.

1933 Gen Draft
NC 71 Maxton through Fairmont
1940 Official
NC 130 replaces NC 71

Between 1939-44, NC 130 was rerouted in Shalotte. At first it used Bridger Rd to Mulberry St to reach US 17. Now it used its current Whiteville Rd route and Powell St. to reach US 17 on Village Rd.
In 1949, NC 130 was extended from Southport north to end at US 17-74-76 Belleville.
In 1955 (bridge date), NC 130 was rerouted to avoid the Sunny Point Depot between Southport and Orton Plantation. South of the Depot became SR 1528 (now NC 211 uses a little of this). North of the Depot became SR 1529.
In 1957, NC 130 from Southport to Belleville became part of NC 40 (now NC 133), while Supply to Southport became part of NC 211; Supply to Shalotte remained US 17 except US 17 has since been rerouted in Shalotte off of Village Rd.

1954 Official
NC 130 extended to US 17-74-76
1958 Official
NC 40 replaces NC 130

In 1959, NC 130 was extended as upgraded routing from Shalotte to Holden Beach.

1954 Official
NC 130 replaced by NC 211
1960 Official
NC 130 extended to Holden Beach

Between 1957-62, NC 130 east was truncated to Main St in Shalotte instead of Village Rd, leaving behind SR 1174 Powell St.

1938 Brunswick County
NC 130 on Bridger/Mulberry
1944 Brunswick County
NC 130 straightened out
1962 Brunswick County
NC 130 truncated to rerouted US 17

In 1966, NC 130 was given its bypass of Fairmont using SR 2446, a bit of new construction and SR 2235. The old route became NC 130 Business.

1962 Robeson County
NC 130 through Fairmont
1968 Robeson County
NC 130 bypasses Fairmont

In 1973, NC 130 was removed from Strawberry Blvd through Evergreen and Boardman and placed on today's US 74 in the area.

Comment: NC 130 is a numbering violation. There were 30x numbers available when it was created.
NC 130 is a long route I have driven nearly none of.

Last Update: 29 January 2010

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