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N.C. 130-A 
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N.C. 130-A  dead

NC 130-A #1?: Appeared between 1931-36 as a renumbering of US 117/NC 30 in Supply. Ran on Stone Chiimney Rd as a cutoff between NC 130 (now NC 211) and US 117/NC 30 (now Blanton Rd).
It is unclear what happened to this primary corridor. US 17 was rerouted to its current corridor between 1954-62 (the '57 Brunswick County map is missing from NCDOT set). The '62 and '68 Brunswick County maps label Blanton Rd as secondary but do not explicitly label Stone Chimney as secondary north of now-NC 211.
Here are the possibilities:
1. This was actually designated US 17-A and was decommissioned when US 17 was moved.
2. This was NC 130-A, and was decommissioned when US 17 was moved
3. This was NC 130-A and was extended north replacing a bit of US 17 when it moved and was either was downgraded to secondary status when NC 130 was renumbered as NC 211 OR was renumbered as NC 211-A for some peiod of time.

1936 Brunswick County
Supply cutoff clearly shown as primary
1962 Brunswick County
Is it primary in 1962?

NC 130-A #2: Appeared as new construction between 1939-44 as a cutoff between NC 130 and US 17 (now just Village St) in Shalotte.
NC 130-A was downgraded to SR 1175 Blake St between 1957-62. Today it is part of NC 179.

1938 Brunswick County
NC 130 on Bridger/Mulberry
1944 Brunswick County
NC 130-A cutoff appears
1962 Brunswick County
NC 130-A becomes SR 1175

Last Update: 29 January 2010

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