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N.C. 110 
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Photo: NC 110 north beginning ahead (Matt Craig)
NC 110
N.C. 110  6 miles
The Road: Begins at US 276/NC 215 near Woodrow and ends at US 19-23 Canton, all within Haywood County.
Towns and Attractions: Haywood Co: Canotn
History: NC 110 appeared in 1932 as new primary routing, running from NC 284 (now SR 1105/1876 jct) Woodrow north to US 19-23/NC 10 Canton.
In 1937 or 1938, NC 284 was moved to the current US 276 route through the area. The 1938 Haywood County Map is ambiguous about what happened with NC 110. It was most likely extended southeast along old NC 284 east (official maps seem to show this). However, the old NC 284 west routing is shown as primary, too (NC 110? NC 110A? NC 284A?)
Between 1942-44, NC 110 was put on new construction from Woodrow south to the current stoplight at US 276. This left behind SR 1105.

<1932 Texaco
NC 110 appears
1940 official map
NC 110 extended slightly south
The first NC 110 was born in late 1928 as a Newton Bypass that created legal hassles for the state a few years prior. Details of this episode are located on the NC 10 page. US 70 was assigned to the entirety of NC 110 soon after its creation. In 1930, NC 110 was renumbered as NC 10-A

1930 General Drafting
NC 110 bypassing Newton
1930 Official
NC 10-A bypassing Newton

NC 110 should've been extended south when NC 215 came into the primary system.

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