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N.C. 111 
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N.C. 111  123 miles
The Road: Begins at US 258/NC 24 near Catherine Lake (Onslow County) and ends at NC 11-42 Oak City (Martin County).
Towns and Attractions: Onslow Co: None
Duplin Co: Beulaville
Wayne Co: Cliffs of the Neuse State Park, Seymour Johnson AFB, Goldsboro, Eureka
Wilson Co: Stantonsburg, Saratoga
Edgecombe Co: Tarboro, Princeville
Martin Co: Oak City
History: NC 111 appeared in 1930 as new primary routing, running from NC 11 Kornegay north on today's NC 903 to Liddell in Lenoir County then west over Liddell Rd to Drummersville, then Mark Herring Rd to Zion Church Rd past current 111 to Pricetown, then northeast back to Mark Herring Rd to NC 55, then Indian Springs Rd to Park Rd, a brief bit of today's 111, then Mince Hill Rd to River Rd to current NC 111 which it followed to about NC 581. Here, NC 111 used Sheridan Forest Rd and CR Lewis Dairy Rd. The Air Force Base now cuts off the original NC 111 path, which concluded using Slocumb St to US 70/NC 10 Goldsboro.
In late 1934, NC 111 was extended through Goldsboro with US 70, then replaced NC 402 to Cherry State Hospital.

<1933 Official
NC 402 west of Goldsboro
1936 official map
NC 402 becomes part of NC 111

About 1935, NC 111 was extended south from NC 11 to NC 24 near the NE Cape Fear River.
Also about 1935, NC 111 was straightened out in Wayne County below the Neuse River to use today's NC 111 south to Gladys, but it still veered east to Lenoir County to today's NC 903.
In 1940, NC 111 was rerouted at Albertson to go directly to Wayne County like it does now.

1930 Official
NC 111 original routing
1935 Official
NC 111 extended to NC 24
1940 Official
NC 111 straightened out

Between 1939-44, NC 111 was rerouted in Goldsboro to accomodate the AFB. It was removed from Slocumb St and instead used Piedmont Rd to reach US 70.
About 1948, NC 111 was rerouted south of NC 11 to end at NC 24-41 Beaulaville, leaving behind N. Williams Rd.
About 1949, NC 111 north was truncated to US 70-A/117-A/NC 581 Goldsboro. The route out to Cherry Hospital became part of NC 581.
In 1959, NC 111 was rerouted for the AFB again, this time to its current US 70 approach.

1936 Wayne County
NC 111 original routing
1944 Wayne County
NC 111 removed from Slocumb
1962 Wayne County
NC 111 moved further east again

About 1987, NC 111 was extended in both directions: north via US 70 Bypass to US 117 Bus north, then replacing SR 1523 northeast to NC 222 near Eureka. This removed NC 111 from downtown Goldsboro (useless US 70 Bus duplex). NC 111 was extended south with NC 41 to nearly Chinquapin, then replaced SR 1001 (once part of NC 24 many years ago) east to US 258/NC 24.

1987 Official
NC 111 extended northeast
1987 Official
NC 111 extended southeast, too

In 1994, NC 111 was extended north again, using NC 222 through Stantonsburg and Saratoga, then replaced Wilson SR 1004; Edgecombe SRs 1114/1202/1205/1207 to Tarboro, then duplexed with US 64-A to US 258, then replaced NC 44 from Princeville to Oak City.

1990-91 Official
NC 44 Tarboro to Oak City
1999 Official
NC 111 extended to Oak City

NC 111 is another one of those routes that nobody would drive end-to-end. It is 20 miles shorter to use US 258.
NC 111 is the second highest state route number to have a length longer than its number (NC 150 is tops on this list).

Last Update: 28 August 2009

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