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N.C. 109 
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Photo: NC 109 leaving South Carolina state line (Chris Patriarca)
NC 109
N.C. 109  107 miles
The Road: Begins at I-40/US 311 Winston-Salem (Forsyth County) and ends at the South Carolina State Line below Little Quarters (Anson County). The route continues 20+ miles to US 1 near McBee, SC.
Towns and Attractions: Forsythe Co: Winston-Salem
Davidson Co: Thomasville, Fair Grove, Denton
Randolph Co: None
Montgomery Co: Uwharrie Nat'l Forest, Troy, Mt. Gilead
Richmond Co: None
Anson Co: Wadesboro
History: NC 109 appeared in 1928 as new primary routing, running from NC 10 (now Main St) Thomasville southeast to end at NC 74 (now NC 24-27) Troy.
In 1930, NC 109 was extended north as new routing to end at US 121-311/NC 66-77 (now Waughtown St at Main) Winston-Salem. About the northern third of this extension had been part of original NC 64 earlier in the 1920s.

1929 Official
NC 109 Thomasville to Troy
1930 Official
NC 109 extended to Winston-Salem

In late 1934, NC 109 was extended north with the new US 52 through Winston-Salem, then replaced NC 891 and NC 892 up to the Virginia line.
Also in late 1934, NC 109 was extended southwest with NC 27, then replaced NC 51 to Mt Gilead and NC 515 through Wadesboro to the S.C. line.

1930 Official
NC 515 through Anson County
1935 Gen Drafting
NC 109 replaces NC 515

About 1934, NC 109 was rerouted from Thomasville to Winston-Salem to current NC 109. The old route became Midway School Rd; Old Thomasville Rd; Old NC 109; Old Lexington Rd.
About 1938, NC 109 was rerouted at the S.C. line to its present routing. Before this, NC 109 used SR 1220 Long Pine Church Rd and SR 1223 "Old NC 109".

1936 Anson County
NC 109 initial S.C. entry
1938 Anson County
NC 109 straightened out

Also in 1938, NC 109 was rerouted in W-S to follow Stadium Dr and Claremont Ave north to 5th St west to Patterson then north out of town.
In 1940, NC 109 north was truncated to US 52/NC 8 Winston-Salem (Liberty at Patterson). The route north to Virginia became part of NC 8. Today this is still largely NC 8 except in W-S it is just Patterson Ave

1930 Texaco
NC 891

1926 Official
NC 892
1935 Gousha
NC 109 replaces NC 891/892
1941 Official
NC 8 takes over

About 1950, NC 109 was removed from "Old NC 515" in Anson County.
Between 1950-53, NC 109 was given its current bypass of Troy, leaving behind NC 109-A (now 109 Business).

1949 Montgomery County
NC 109 through Troy
1949 Montgomery County
NC 109 bypasses Troy

About 1954, NC 109 was placed on one-way splits in Winston-Salem using 4th and 5th Sts.
Between 1963-68, NC 109 was placed on its current routing skirting central Mt. gilead. This was an upgrade to SR 1106. The old route remained NC 73 and NC 731, plus a NC 109 Business was designated.

1962 Montgomery County
NC 109 through Mt. Gilead
1968 Montgomery County
NC 109 bypasses Mt. Gilead

In 1970, NC 109 north was truncated to end at 4th St in W-S, which was not a primary route anymore. US 311 continued north.
In 1971, NC 109 was placed on a newly constructed alignment that bypasses Denton, Cid, Gordontown and most of Fair Grove. The old route is now a bit of NC 47; N. Main St in Denton; Garner Rd; Old NC Hwy 109; Denton Rd; Cedar Lodge Rd.

1969 Official
NC 109 old Davidson route
1973 Official
NC 109 rebuilt

About 1978, NC 109 north was trucated again. Maps appear to show NC 109 ending at US 52/NC 8 one exit south of then-I-40.
Between 1980-82, NC 109 north was definitely truncated to US 311 (Thomasville at Waughtown).
In 1983 or 1984, NC 109 north was truncated to its current endpoint. Thomasville Rd north of here became US 311 for a brief period but is now secondary.

Winston-Salem routings:

1932 Texaco
NC 109 original W-S end
1937 Texaco
NC 109 extended through W-S
1938 Forsyth County
NC 109 rerouted to eastern W-S

1944 Forsyth County
NC 109 truncated to Liberty-Patterson jct
1954 Official
NC 109 put on one-way splits
1971 Official
NC 109 removed from 4th/5th

1979 Official
NC 109 truncated to US 52/NC 8?
There appears to be a thick black line
connecting US 311 to US 52
1982-83 Official
NC 109 truncated to Waughtown Rd
1984-85 Official
NC 109 truncated to new US 311 freeway

NC 109 is another long primary route I have no experience with.
A NC 109 cutout from many decades ago was still around in 2000 in Thomasville - see this picture at Gribblenation.

Last Update: 12 June 2009

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