The Highways of North Carolina
N.C. 81 
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N.C. 81  5 miles
The Road: Begins at US 25-25 ALT Asheville and ends at US 70 Oteen, all within Buncombe County.
Towns and Attractions: Buncombe Co: Biltmore Estate, Asheville
History: NC 81 was born in late 1934 as a renumbering of a small piece of NC 10, running from US 25 (now just Biltmore Av) east to US 70-74 (now US 74-A).
In 1937, NC 81 was extended south on Biltmore Av (replacing a rerouted US 25) to its current end.
In 1938, NC 81 was extended east to its current end at US 70, replacing a piece of US 70.

1937 Texaco
NC 81 between US 25 and US 70-74
1938 Buncombe County
NC 81 extended to current east end

Comment: NC 81 is shown but not labeled on the 1936 Buncombe County map but is explicitly labeled on the '38 one.
The first official maps to show a labeled NC 81 were the insets in the mid 50s of the black and white issues. It appears the main side of the Officials have never shown it explicitly.
NC 81 provides a passage through southeastern Asheville.

Last Update: 2 January 2009

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