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N.C. 69 
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Photo: NC 69 approach from US 64 Business (Adam Froehlig)
NC 69
N.C. 69  4 miles
The Road: Begins at US 64 Business Hayesville and ends a short time later at the Georgia State Line, all within Clay County. The route continues more than 200 miles as GA 17 all the way to I-16 west of Savannah, GA.
Towns and Attractions: Clay Co.: Hayesville  
History: NC 69 was born in 1941 as a renumbering of NC 287. It began at US 64 (now Chatuge Dam Rd) and headed southeast on today's Myers Chapel Rd. NC 69 angled southeast into Georgia and the road met US 76 near where GA 288's west end is now.
In 1942, NC 69 was rerouted onto its current path to bypass the new Lake Chatuge. Technically, this NC 69 had no pavement in common with its brief 1941 version.

1936 Clay County
NC 287 running south to Georgia
1941-42 Official
NC 69 running southeast of Hayesville
1944 Clay County
NC 69 moved west of the new lake

The first NC 69 was an original state highway that began at NC 20 (current US 25-70 Bus) east of Marshall. It followed Hayes Run Rd out to NC 213; a little 213 then Silvermill Rd, Bend of IVy Rd, Laurel Branch Rd and Bull Creek Rd to Mars Hill. NC 69 used NC 213 over to Main St then 69 went south on Main to Forks of Ivy.
NC 69 followed Beach Glen Rd northeast to US 19. NC 69 followed 19 and innumerable little loops of its old alignment. A lengthier Old Mountain Rd near the Yancey County line was NC 69's path.
Starting at Swiss, the old US 19 routing is separate from modern 19 all the way to just short of US 19E-19W split. NC 69 used US 19W for a short distance, then "Old US 19E" and Cane River Middle School Rd to about Riverside. NC 69 likely used SRs 1195 and 1196 to zig zag over to Main St Burnsville.
NC 69 used Main St through town, then some US 19E. It used Old US 19E to Windom. Past there NC 69 used US 19E until Micaville, where it used SR 1186 and a little NC 80. East of there, 69 picked up US 19E again, plus several short loops of old highway to Mitchell County.
NC 69 followed US 19E in Mitchell county except for a brief Old US 19E east of Eastatoe over to Spruce Pine. NC 69 used Greenwood Rd then NC 226 to cross North Toe River, then Oak St and Cabin road to continue east. NC 69 used essentially US 19E all the way to Cranberry.
NC 69 picked up NC 194 north. NC 69 may have used John Greer Rd but otherwise used 194 over to Banner Elk. Around there, NC 69 used Old Turnpike Rds W and E. NC 69 followed todya's 194 from there all the way to Boone except it used a handful of short loops just to the west of Boone.
NC 69 continued along today's NC 194 through Todd to Baldwin, then used "Old US 221" and State Rd to get to West Jefferson. From there, NC 69 followed US 221 BUsiness and US 221 all the way to its endpoint at NC 26 (today's US 21) Twin Oaks.
In late 1926, US 25 was assigned to NC 69 from SC to Asheville; US 19 and 19E were assigned to NC 69 from Asheville to Cranberry.
In 1928, NC 69 south was rerouted at Mars Hill. The route to Marshall became NC 213. Instead, NC 69 was sent south replacing most of NC 29 - using Old Weaverville Hwy (it is unclear if NC 69 used Old Burnsville Rd briefly), Main St through Weaversville, then Merrimon Ave into Asheville, then a little Broadway, then Biltmore Ave. NC 69 followed US 25 and 25 BUs to Skyland, Fletcher, Mountain Home and Hendersonville. NC 69 did not use "Old Asheville Hwy" at Fletcher.
NC 69 followed today's NC 225 to Flat Rock and Tuxedo, then "Old US 25" to the South Carolina state line.

1924 Official
NC 29 Mars Hill to SC
1930 Official
NC 69 replaces NC 29

In 1930, NC 69 north was rerouted at Cranberry to follow US 19E's route into Tennessee, replacing a piece of NC 194. Cranberry to Villas became NC 194; Villas to Boone remained part of NC 60; Boone to Sparta became part of NC 691.

1929 Official
NC 69 Cranberry to Sparta
1930 Official
NC 194 and NC 691 replace NC 69

In 1932, NC 69 was moved onto new routing between Biltmore Village and Arden (today's US 25-A). The old NC 69 between these points likely became NC 69-A (remained part of US 25).

1931 Official
NC 69 south of Asheville
1932 Texaco
NC 69-A born in 1932

In late 1934, NC 69 was dropped from US 25 below Asheville and was also dropped from US 19 and 19E above Asheville.

NC 69 is signed for Atlanta, as it is an easy way to transition from US 64 to US 76 and GA 515.

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