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Photo: NC 70's old alignment in Montgomery County (Adam Prince)
NC 70
N.C. 70  dead

NC 70: An original state highway that began at the South Carolina Line at Rowland (receiving then-SC 23). It followed today's US 301 and Hilly Branch Rd to MM 14 of I-95, then used the NB frontage road and SR 2499 W. 5th St, then Cottonwood St west (now cut off by I-95). NC 70 crossed the Lumber River on SR 1589 Kenic Rd.
NC 70 then followed today's NC 72 to Red Springs. NC 70 then used today's NC 211 north to Raeford except it used Andrews Rd north of Antioch. NC 70 continued on NC 211 to Moore County except it used "Old NC 211" in the area of the Tuberculosis Sanitorium.
At Aberdeen, NC 70 used Main St, then picked up NC 5 through Pinehurst to NC 211. NC 70 followed NC 211 through West End to Elberta (except it used SR 1135 Dead Man Curve Rd). NC 70 used SR 1138 Eagle Springs Rd/Clement Rd through Eagle Springs and Sumercand.
NC 70 returned to NC 211, following it to Candor, and used SR 1579 Main St to loop back around to US 220-A. NC 70 followed US 220-A through Biscoe and StaNC 70 probably used SR 1346 McBride Lumber Rd, the 220-A to Ether.
NC 70 likely used SR 1348 Cagle Rd at Ether, which is now cutoff by I-73/74 before it loops back around to US 220-A. NC 70 used the "Old US 220 loops in the Steeds and Asbury areas, then cut northeast on SR 1358 Gap Rd which becomes SR 2859 Old US 220 in Randolph County. NC 70 picked up NC 705 over to Seagrove. NC 70 then cut north on Old Plank Rd, then SR 2846 Seagrove Plank Rd and a tiny bit of "Old NC 13" to Michfield.
NC 70 used SR 2843 Happy Hollow Rd then NC 159 back to US 220-A. NC 70 picked up today's US 220 Bus north to Asheboro except it used SR 2926 Cedar Grove Rd and SR 1148 Old State Hwy
NC 70 followed US 220 Bus through Asheboro and Randleman to Level Cross. It is unclear if NC 70 used Old Randleman Rd approaching Greensboro but if it did it stopped doing so by 1926.

NC 70 entered Greensboro on SR 1007 Randleman Rd, then east on Oconnor St, then north on Elm St, then veered northeast on Summit Ave. out of town. NC 70 followed Summit Ave which parallels the US 29 freeway to NC 150. NC 70 used NC 150 east to Monticello, then north on SR 2514 Old Reidsville Rd. to US 29. NC 70 then followed US 29 Bus to Reidsville, but used Scales St into downtown and Madison Rd leaving town to the Northeast.
NC 70 picked back up US 29 Bus to Ruffin, then Mayflower Rd and Pelham Loop to Pelham. NC 70 then used "Old US 29" to the Virginia State Line, where there was no primary route on the other side until the mid-20s.
1932 Texaco
NC 70 in Greensboro

In 1925, NC 70 was rerouted at Lumberton to instead follow NC 72 east into Lumberton, then today's NC 41 south to the South Carolina Line, replacing part of NC 21. Lumberton to Rowland became part of NC 22.

1924 Auto Trails
NC 21 down to Fairmont
1925 Official
NC 70 replaces NC 21

By 1926, NC 70 was placed on current US 220-A in the Seagrove area.

In 1927, US 170 was assigned to NC 70 from Virginia south to Greensboro; US 311 was assigned to NC 70 from Randleman to Aberdeen.
In 1932, US 411 was assigned to NC 70 from Greensboro to Randleman.
A few changes to NC 70 may or may not have occurred before its demise in late 1934:
Removal from Main St in Aberdeen and onto current NC 211 over to US 1
Placement onto modern US 220 in the Steeds and Ether areas.

In late 1934, NC 70 was dropped:

S.C. to Lumberton became NC 41

1933 Official
Lumberton surroundings in 1933
1936 Official
NC 41 extended to Lumberton and SC.

Lumberton to Red Springs became NC 72
Red Springs to Aberdeen became NC 211

1933 official map
NC 70, Aberdeen to Lumberton
1936 official map
NC 211 and NC 72 replace NC 70

Pinehurst to Candor became NC 2

1933 official map
Candor to Southern Pines, 1933
1936 official map
Candor to Southern Pines, 1936

Candor to Greensboro became US 220

1933 official map
NC 70 Greensboro to Candor
1936 official map
US 220 replaces NC 70

Greensboro to Virginia became US 29

1926 Auto Trails
NC 70 (with US 170) north of Greensboro
1936 official map
US 29 replaces NC 70

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