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N.C. 68 
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Photo: NC 68 fades away at US 29-70 (Chris Curley)
NC 68
N.C. 68  28 miles
The Road: Begins at US 29-70 Thomasville (Davidson County) and ends at US 220 in southern Rockingham County.
Towns and Attractions: Davidson Co.: Thomasville  
Guilford Co.: High Point, Stokesdale
Rockingham Co.: none
History: NC 68 was born in 1930 as new primary routing. Ran from US 70-170/NC 10 northeast of High Point and ended at NC 65 (current US 158) Stokesdale.
In 1936, NC 68 was rerouted on its southern end to instead go to US 29A-70A (now Lexington Ave) northwest of High Point. The old route became unnumbered Penny Rd.
In 1941, NC 68 was extended as new primary routing north to end at US 220 (current Sylvania Rd).

1930 Official
NC 68 is born in 1930
1936 Official
NC 68 rerouted in High Point
1941-42 Official
NC 68 extended north to US 220

In 1952 or 1953, NC 68 was extended north to meet the new US 220 alignment. NC 68 replaced the old 220 to get there.

1946-47 Official
NC 68's initial US 220 ending
1953 Official
NC 68 extended slightly further

Between 1950-53, NC 68 was extended south on what was now number mainline US 29-70 to end at English St (then designated US 29A-70A) southwest of High Point.
In 1956 or 1957, NC 68 was extended south again to its current endpoint, as a duplex with US 29A-70A.

1949 Guilford COunty
Only US 29-70 down to English
1953 Guilford County
NC 68 extended to English
1957 Guilford County
NC 68 extended again to Davidson County

Between 1980-82, NC 68 was placed on new freeway in the I-40 Triad Airport area, leaving behind Joe Bull Rd (now Regional Rd).

1979-80 Official
NC 68 traditional routing
1982-83 Official
NC 68 on new freeway

The first NC 68 was an original state highway that began at NC 60 (current "Old NC 60") Miller Creek. It followed today's NC 16 a few miles, then the extensive Old NC 16 through Daylo to Glendale Springs. NC 68 followed Old Wilkesboro Rd then NC 16 to Index and Orion. NC 68 used US 221 and US 221 Business into Jefferson, then followed the extensive "Old NC 16" through Crumpler Springs and into Virginia.
About 1928, NC 68 was rerouted at Jefferson to instead continue west as new primary routing on today's NC 88 west to the Tennessee line. The old 68 north to Virginia became NC 681.
In 1929, NC 68 was renumbered as an extended NC 16.

1924 Official
NC 68 original routing
1928 Gen Draft
NC 68 rerouted to Tennessee
1930 Official
NC 68 renumbered to NC 16

NC 68 serves as access to the Triad Airport.
NC 68's freeway alignment is slated to be part of I-73.

Last Update: 24 August 2008

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