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N.C. 67 
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Photo: NC 67 leaving NC 150 (Mark Clifton)
NC 67
N.C. 67  40 miles
The Road: Begins at US 21 Business Jonesville (Yadkin County) and ends at NC 150 Winston-Salem (Forsyth County)
Towns and Attractions: Yadkin Co.: Jonesville, Boonville, East Bend  
Forsyth Co.: Winston-Salem
History: NC 67 was born in as a new primary route. Ran from US 21/NC 26 Jonesville to US 421/NC 60 (now SR 1525 Old Yadkinville Rd) Oldtown. However, it used not very much of today's NC 67. Instead it used Mayberry/Eck Rds (cutoff by I-77 now); Woodruff Rd west of Boonville; Charity Church Rd through Nebo and Mt. Pleasant; Mt Pleasant/Baltimore Church/Smithtown Rds to Smithtown; Fairground Rd to East Bend; "Old NC 67" through East Bend. in Forsyth County, it used Littlefield Rd (some now abandoned); Waller Rd and Vienna Dozier Rd; Seward Circle; Bethania and N. Causeway Rds through Bethania.
About 1933, NC 67 was given its much straighter alignment from Jonesville to then-US 421.

1930 Official
NC 67 appears, 40 miles long
1933 Official
NC 67 rebuilt, 32 miles long

Between 1950-53, NC 67 was rebuilt around the south of East Bend, leaving behind SR 1545, "Old NC 67."

1949 Yadkin County
NC 67 through East Bend
1953 Yadkin County
NC 67 around East Bend

About 1961, NC 67 was extended into central Winston-Salem replacing US 421. It ran down Reynolda Rd, West End Blvd and Broad St then used one-way splits on 4th-5th over to US 158 Business (used one-way splits on Cherry-Marshall). The '63 Official shows NC 67 running to US 52/NC 8 but the '62 Forsyth County map shows US 158 Business in place. I believe the Official map is in error here.
In 1970, NC 67 was removed off 4th/5th and instead continued south on Broad St to end at I-40 (now I-40 Bus).
In 1994, NC 67 was removed from the Reynolda routing to central W-S and instead was placed on the Silas Creek Pkwy (present since the 60s) all the way around to NC 150 as it runs now.

1960 Official
US 421 on Reynolda to W-S
1963 Official
NC 67 extended to W-S
1971-72 Official
NC 67 rerouted to end at I-40
1999 Official
NC 67 rerouted onto Silas Creek Pkwy

The first NC 67 was an original state highway that began at NC 75 (likely unnumbered Main Ave) Taylorsville. It followed today's Old Wilkesboro Rd to NC 16; NC 16 north to Moravian Falls; Brooktown Rd, a small nip of NC 18 and Old NC 18 through Moravian Falls.
NC 67 continued on "Old NC 18" which becomes Fletcher St which is cutoff by the US 421 freeway. NC 67 used Corporation St to Wilkeboro, then NC 18 to North Wilkesboro. NC 67 then followed NC 18 to end at NC 26 (current US 21) Sparta.
In 1925, NC 67 was extended south as new routing to end at NC 10 (current E 1st St) Conover.
In 1926, NC 67 was removed from Old Wilkesboro Rd in Taylorsville and placed on today's NC 16 around the west side of town.
In 1929, NC 67 was renumbered as NC 16 from Conover to Wilkesboro and NC 18 from Wilkesboro to Sparta.

1921 Official
NC 67 Taylorsville to Sparta
1925 Official
NC 67 extended to Conover
1925 Official
NC 67 to central Taylorsville

1926 Official
NC 67 rerouted to west side
1929 Official
1929 Official
NC 67 renumbered as NC 16 and NC 18

Today's NC 67 serves as a direct alternative from the Jonesville/Elkin area to the northern parts of Winston-Salem.

Last Update: 24 August 2008

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