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N.C. 64 
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N.C. 64  dead
NC 64 #1: An original state highway that ran from NC 10 (now part of NC 8) Lexington north to end at NC 60-77 (current Waughtown St) south of Winston-Salem.
In 1925, NC 64 was renumbered as an extension of NC 66. Today, it is NC 8 from Lexington to the US 52 freeway; Old US 52 (except Old Winston Rd in Welcome) through Midway; Gum Tree Rd to Gum Tree; "Old NC 109" to Forsyth County; Old Lexington Rd to Waughtown St.
NC 64 is confirmed on both NC Officials and Auto Trails Maps.

1924 Official
Original NC 64 routing
1925 Official
NC 66 replaces NC 64

The second NC 64 was born in 1932. It began at US 421/NC 60 (today's Liberty Rd) Greensboro and headed south along Pleasant Garden Rd to today's NC 62 Climax, then south along NC 22 through Franklinville, Ramseur, Coleridge and Bennett before ending at NC 74 (current NC 24-27) west of Carthage. This was all new primary routing except Coleridge to NC 74 was a renumbering of part of NC 902.
In late 1934 NC 64 was renumbered as NC 22. NC 64 used a zig-zag route through Bennett and NC 64 in High Falls jutted east a mile or so on River Rd before crossing the Deep River on Sessom Rd (64 did not cross Buffalo Creek at all unlike 22 today). Also the south end used Crabtree Rd to meet then-NC 74.
NC 64 was even duplexed with US 64 in the Franklinville-Ramseur stretch.

1930 Official
NC 902 south to NC 74
1933 official map
NC 64 - Carthage to Greensboro, 1933
1936 official map
NC 22 - Carthage to Greensboro, 1936

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